Guyana owes Fidel Castro and the Cuban people a debt of gratitude -FITUG


The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) has issued a farewell statement on the passing of Fidel Castro.

See full statement below:

A photograph of Cuba's former President Fidel Castro is seen during a tribute ceremony, following the announcement of the death of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro in La PazFITUG has noted, the global outpouring of condolences and tributes issued and are being issued on the occasion of the passing of Cuba’s outstanding and revered Revolutionary Leader, Fidel Castro Ruz.

That the peoples of the world would be moved to record their respects on the death of a unique Third World icon coincides with and confirms FITUG’s view that Fidel was a great statesman and a recognized leader of the oppressed and exploited. Whatever the world felt about Fidel Castro and no matter how varied the tributes, FITUG happily notes that Cuba a Small Island State, has captured international attention through its renowned revolutionary leader now at rest.

As the representative of most of Guyana’s unionized workers, FITUG salutes Fidel as a Champion of the Working Class who stood his ground and by his ideals against all the mighty odds imposed by the mighty foes who were strongly opposed to the successful 1959 Revolution he led and the direction it followed. For Cubans, from sugar-cane harvesters to medical scientists to sportsmen and to the women who benefitted from the Socialist programmes of the egalitarian society which Cde Castro, the Cuban Government and the Communist Party established, Cde Fidel Castro will remain indelibly and be a part of modern Cuban history.

The moving tributes to Cde Fidel capture his greatness. FITUG only wishes, at this time, to recall and record three (3) relevant points consequent upon his passing. Firstly, Fidel Castro and his comrades were moved to carry out a revolution as a result of the trauma they experienced in living the inequalities and untold hardships in Cuban society which were the consequences of rampant capitalism and Batista dictatorship. Secondly, Fidel’s revolution and struggles entailed immense sacrifices which continue due to the decade’s old US economic blockade against Cuba.

Thirdly, it is to the credit of the able and astute Cuban leadership – with the support rendered in the early years from the USSR and the Socialist community– that the Cuban people overcome their difficulties and travails and went on to achieve and sustain immeasurable heights in the fields of education, medicine and sports to name a sampling of their many endeavours. We also cannot fail to state the Venezuelan support to the Cuban people which commenced under the leadership of late President Chavez and continued by the Maduro administration. The assistance which came at a critical time for Cuba and continues to support the consolidation of the Cuban revolution.

Whatever his detractors may say Fidel Castro’s Cuba exports to African and Latin America, Guyana and the Caribbean were essentially the humanitarian products of skills, solidarity missions, training programmes and an admirable range of solidarity actions in many countries of the world.

Guyana owes Fidel Castro and the Cuban people a debt of gratitude. FITUG today along with so many others also extends thanks on behalf of our working-class membership.

Long live the Spirit and Ideals of Fidel!
Long live Cuba-Guyana solidarity!
Viva Commandante Fidel Castro!


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