“Guyana has become a numb & dumb nation” – Investigations into Boyo’s murder at a standstill


By Fareeza Haniff

Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall.
Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The investigation into the murder of businessman, Ganesh Ramlall a.k.a Boyo continues, but at a rather slow pace. Since he was gunned down on July 05 at his Lot ‘C’ La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara home, there has been no arrests.

As a matter of fact, there is a $5M reward on the table for any information that can lead to the murderers of Ramlall, but to date no one has called the telephone number provided to offer any such information.

The telephone contact provided is the personal number of Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall, who was a close friend of Ramlall. During a telephone interview with iNews on Monday, July 13, Lall made the startling revelation that no one has called to provide any tip that can assist the police to capture the perpetrators of the gruesome act.

Ramlall was the proprietor of the Regent Multiplex Mall located on Regent Street, Georgetown and was a popular and generous businessman in the private sector.

He was gunned down mere minutes after arriving home from a ‘wake house.’ His brother, Samsundar, known as Sugrim, found the businessman lying in a pool of blood on the floor, just outside his back door. Sugrim told iNews that his brother received a bullet wound to the head, while he was also shot in the abdomen and chest several times.

Police believe that robbery was the motive for the murder, as the perpetrators managed to remove the dead man’s gold band and chain.

Dead: Ganesh Ramlall
Dead: Ganesh Ramlall

Meanwhile, Glenn Lall expressed disappointment that no one can provide any information on his friend’s murder; he told those gathered at the funeral on Sunday, July 12 that Guyana has become a “numb and dumb” nation.

During the interview with iNews, Lall pointed out several incidents under the former PPP government, which he says has led to the breakdown of law, order and disrespect in the Guyanese community.

“And why people have become so numb and so dumb; I put out a full page ad in the Kaieteur News for one week for a $5M reward with my personal telephone number…. Not one telephone call I got with any tip on this matter. This is the reason why I’m saying that we have become a nation blind, deaf, numb and dumb,” the Kaieteur News owner told iNews.

He also reiterated same to those at the funeral. Lall made it no secret that he lays the blame for this at the feet of Guyana’s leaders.

“They set example and when these wrongs are being condoned and allowed, it only exposes us to the criminal minded among us; that is why Boyo can dead, they is why you can rob the Judge and do what you want and everybody frighten to talk, because we have become a country numb,” Lall told iNews.

Ramlall leaves to mourn his wife and two daughters, aged 16 and 18. Anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of those involved in the murder can make contact with Lall on telephone number, 624 – 6456 or the nearest police station.


  1. Interesting. Hearing the unintelligible ramblings of Glen Lall (“publisher” of one of Guyana’s main print and electronic media) I can only conclude that he is “numb and dumb”. Is the publisher’s position at that news media a ceremonial one?
    Glen Lall has no moral ground to stand on and pronounce what is wrong and right. Our memory go back to his recent “lexus-gate” scandal. Come on Glen, we know what you tried to do. We also know that the PPP was blackmailed into “resolving” the scam attempt.

  2. There have been so many historical cases of unsolved murders and more recently especially since this new administration took office. Sometimes it takes years to solve some cases but determined, scientific investigations eventually solved many complicated cases in the more developed countries eg USA, UK etc. Guyana does not have the resources like that of other police forces of those countries. It is abhorrent that another young businessman has had his life cut short by the murder’s bullet and sympathies go out to the family.
    For Mr Lall to say that ”we have become a nation blind, deaf, numb and dumb,” is a reflection of his own impatience and an insult to the Guyanese people as a whole. He also has a lot to answer for as he is, allegedly, has/had a dodgy connection to the criminal underworld if one were to believe that piece of information coming from reputable sources. He should be vocal against all unsolved murders since he is so concerned and not only about his friends or associates or those that have political implications like the one that he recently donated funds raised to the victim’s family.

  3. You’re a fool Larry. He may have done his share of wrongs but Mr Lall does a ton of good. You’re evil to wish someone next in line to be murdered. I guess you want to be the moron that lives in the 17th Century. At least one man don’t back down and watch his country fall or at least try his best.

  4. Thank you Naresh, these people are not very smart…they want results ASAP and that is not always possible.. you tell Lall how long some folks in North America has to wait to get justice for their love one. Even 48 Hours cannot solve every murders in USA.

  5. Thank you NARESH, for setting this Lall person straight he is extremely dumb. Even in North America families are left waiting for years to their love one killers. Even 48 Hours cannot solve some murders. Some people in Guyana want what they want right away and if it is not in their opinion in their time span then the system and folks dealing with it are not good. I think we would all love for these killers to be found and pay for what they did to our love ones. I HAVE LOST MY FATER TO MURDER YEARS AGO NO ONE HAS BEEN CAUGHT UP TO THIS DAY. So Lall sit back and pray.

  6. That exactly what happened to my fath6in 1989 , and it never stop , may the family be stong to move on , but time will heal , we as a nation we get what we elect, NO LEADERS IN GUYANA, ONLY FOLLOWERFOLLOWER

  7. Glen is afraid he is next on the list,all the nasty things he did,all the crap he keep writing in his dumb ass papers will soon catch up with him,he is one of the main culprit in GT,worshipping the likes of Crumewing and blaming the PPP for his death,now blame your dumb and blind ass friend Ramjattan,

  8. Lall, you’re are the dumbest. There are unsolved murders in US, Canada and many developed countries. There are no eyewitnesses in many of those cases. If there are no eyewitnesses, no one will call. In today’s news, an eyewitness identified the suspect in the home invasion of a judge in Guyana. This proves my point. Dumbass!


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