GTT employees call on company to ‘do more’ – but CEO says will only engage stakeholders at the bargaining table


In light of protest action taken today by the Guyana Postal and Telegraph Worker’s Union (GPTWU) which saw about twenty GTT workers participating, the company stated that while it supports the right of workers to protest it will “not be intimidated” when it comes to striking a balance between rights and the long-term sustainability of the company.


CEO of GTT, Justin Nedd
CEO of GTT, Justin Nedd

Earlier today, a group of GTT workers, with the support of the GPTWU, picketed in front of the company’s Brickdam headquarters calling for Management to address several issues affecting them, more particularly changes made within the company over the past few months. They also accused the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Justin Nedd, of running a ‘one man show’ and called for his resignation. 


However, the CEO in a press release today, stated that GTT joins its Union in rallying for continuous, improved working conditions and that employees of GTT have the right to voice their issues and concerns, however, he noted that the company is about to commence collective labour agreement discussions and as such it will engage in dialogue when all parties meet at the bargaining table.


According to him, GTT “will not sway otherwise”.


He added: “We care about our employees and we continue to actively work with them and the GPTWU to listen to, understand and address concerns. As such, we look forward to our ongoing meetings and collaboration with the GPTWU in implementing changes that benefit both GTT employees and the company as a whole, especially as we prepare to enter a more competitive environment.  But these discussions have proven to be much more productive when we engage in a professional and cordial manner,” Nedd stated.





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