Wanted bulletin issued for ‘mastermind’ in murder of Berbice carpenter

Alleged mastermind: Marcus Bisram
Alleged mastermind: Marcus Bisram
Alleged mastermind: Marcus Bisram

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is now seeking the help of U.S. law enforcement in its bid to question the alleged mastermind in the brutal killing of 27-year-old Corentyne carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedatt.

According to Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, the Police Force has already made contact with their overseas counterparts to have Marcus Bisram extradited to Guyana.

The GPF, late this afternoon, issued a Wanted bulletin for Bisramfor questioning in relation to the murder of Fayez Narinedat which occurred on November 01, 2016, at Number 70 Village, Corentyne, Berbice”.
Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Marcus Brian Bisram is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 333-2191, 333-2151-3, 225-2227, 225-0575, 911 or the nearest police station. According to the Guyana Police Force, Bisram’s date of birth is listed as 1989-08-20 and his last known address is given as Lot 115 Section ‘A’ Number 70 Village Corentyne, Berbice; and the United States of America.
The four murder accused who appeared in court on Tuesday
The four murder accused who appeared in court on Tuesday

The U.S.-based Guyanese has been implicated in the murder of Narinedatt, by the four suspects who were all charged on Tuesday when they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Two women who allegedly offered $4 million to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU) for the four perpetrators to be released were also charged.

KILLED: Faiyaz Narinedatt
KILLED: Faiyaz Narinedatt

Bisram is said to have migrated to the United States as a child. However, he has never failed to give his support to Berbice.


On the day Narinedatt died, his family members received the horrific news of his demise, in what at the time was suspected to be a hit-and-run.

However, as an investigation into the man’s death was being carried out, it was discovered that he was murdered. Claims are that Bisram made sexual advances towards Narinedatt, who rejected him.

As such, he ordered that the man be killed. The MCU, after intense investigations, unearthed the details behind the man’s unfortunate demise.

It was revealed that the overseas-based Guyanese, the founder of the Marcus Brian Bisram Foundation, had a party at his home where the victim and several others were present.

According to reports, the now deceased man went to the back of the man’s home to urinate and Bisram followed and attempted to fondle him.

Narinedatt responded by slapping and choking Bisram, who allegedly ordered that he (Narinedatt) be killed by others who were present at the party. It is also alleged that he assured the men that they would not be caught.

Narinedatt, a father of two, was then severely beaten after which he was taken to Number 70 Village, Corentyne in an unconscious state, thrown on the roadway and ran over by a vehicle in an attempt to make his killing seem like an accident.

His lifeless body was found the following day and family members immediately cried foul.

However, villagers were tight-lipped and it was only until the MCU was called in did the truth of the matter come out.

The four suspects, excavator operator Radesh Motie, 39; Harripaul Parsram, a labourer, 49; hire car driver Nirone Yacoob, 37; and Diodat Datt, 18, all confessed to the killing and told Police what had occurred.

One of the women charged with attempting to bribe the MCU is Bisram’s mother, Shermella Indarally, 45, of Lot 121 Section A, No 71 Village, Corentyne Coast, Berbice.





  1. The murderer or mastermind ,we do not know who this is as yet! This individual must be found by the police and dealt with by the court based on evidence, that’s the law! Let’s don’t be the judge and jury ! Furthermore, even insinuating the sexuality of the man based on a photograph is preposterous!

  2. He is a fag look at him and you can see it, he is so evil a man reject you and you would kill him ,these are the last days.

  3. The justice system might only work for the poor fools,with the money and large friends in high places the mastermind will walk free. He won’t be able hide for long but he too rich to go to jail,just look at all the other cases,

  4. Imagine that because a man rejects another’s advances that is reason for murder. What kind of a human being is that!

  5. Wow……he wanted sex, heard the word “no” and then had the guy killed? If true this is probably the most narcisistic behaviour one could imagine. Good job GPF and hopefully the Americans send the man back to face questioning. How does a young guy get so rich just running a foundation?????

  6. Well done GPF. I moan lots about you when I am not happy over certain situations . But I will also give compliments when I think it’s well deserved.
    He must not be allowed to get away with his nasty act and sane for his famiky who thinks they can pass money and have freedom.
    Get him and put him away once proven guilty.


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