Gov’t distances self from AFC’s “reckless” accusations; challenges Party to disclose details of alleged “buyout”

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

[] – The  Office of the President says it views with utter shock the latest public revelation by the Alliance for  Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan that he has received information that the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is attempting to “buy off” three Parliamentarians at $30M each to vote against the opposition sponsored no confidence motion.

According to a release from the Office of the President, “this startling disclosure follows a long line of reckless and baseless utterances emanating from the AFC.”

Office of the President says it rejects this outrageous allegation and challenges Ramjattan to disclose, forthwith and publicly, the names of these three Parliamentarians to which he makes reference and to further make a full and frank public disclosure of all or any information which he claims he has received in relation to this matter.

In addition, Office of the President says it also expects Ramjattan to lodge a report with the Guyana Police Force (GPF); furnishing the Police with the information he has received with a request to immediately commence an investigation since his allegations border on criminality.

The release went onto add, “The Office of the President holds firmly to the view that the AFC has become desperate and is obviously prepared to adopt strange postures and make wild and irresponsible statements in their quest to exaggerate their importance and standing.”

AFC’s executive member Moses Nagamootoo had also said today that the Party is proceeding with its plans and because of its stern position the PPP is having “political diarrhea.”

To this end, the administration says  Nagamootoo’s statement about political diarrhea must therefore be situated in that context.




  1. Mr. Fraff use common sense. If Ramjattan ‘received information’ then he has it. He should take that information to the police and/or produce the evidence to the public. He has not done so up to now. So its a fantasy in his head and yours. But you choose to go one step further and believe it. It’s like a man telling a lie and asking others to prove its true.
    2. Because the PPP is adamantly denying Ramjattan’s claim you conclude that Ramjattan has to be telling the truth. You can do better than that, surely.
    3.’Granger has not said anything because no one has told Granger anything’ you say. O, but Granger has said something. He said the thinks that the AFC claim could be fabricated. He also said that no one has bought his MP’s. So again you are not accurate. You just talking fo talk sake, or in this case writing.
    4. The nature of the PPP is to buy etc, as you say. You are in fairyland here sitting in the comfort of a foreign country and a keyboard. Get the facts straight and do not be wrapped up in your emotions. Now go tell Ramjattan to produce his evidence and then come back.

  2. 1. Fraffmaster, Ramjattan said he received information of attempts to buy opposition votes against the no-confidence motion. He cannot take a report to the police of an attempt to buy; he has to take evidence of the actual buying; say, from any MP who received money and it was audio or video recorded.
    2. The PPP and its government hot and hysterical reaction to the information is enough to tell us Ramjattan was indeed reliably informed.
    3. Granger can say anything because no one told Granger anything.
    4. The nature of the PPP is to buy anyone it thinks is worth buying, from politicians to public servants to private citizens. Even you…

  3. Emile you still talking fraff. If Ramjattan has the information he ought to take it tp the police. That is the procedure. Will he? Lets see. Granger implied that the buyout could be fabricated. But by whom? Who say they have the information? Its your boy Ramjattan. Without analyzing the issue properly you jump to a conclusion. It has to be the PPP, but it is Ramjattan who has to provide the evidence. Unless he does, it will remain an invention in his mind, and yours.

  4. I wonder how on earth ramjattan’s brain could come up with such a big lie! this man’s got to be a practiced liar or a congenital liar. if perchance this man wins an election , what kind of president would he be? my father used to say,”beware of people who can’t watch you straight in the eye” ramjattan has proven my father right!

  5. Ramjattan said he received information about the planned ‘buy out’ and the government throws a hissy-fit denying the information. Given the PPP has been in the business of selling out Guyana and buying out Guyanese, the information Ramjattan received fits right in with the PPP’s profile. Now, let us see who will call in SICK on the day of the no-confidence vote.


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