Gouveia calls for ‘bigger airport’ as Dynamic flight gets stuck in mud at CJIA


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Dynamic[www.inewsguyana.com]– Dynamic Airways says it is not blaming anyone for last evening’s mishap at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) which added to its weekend delays at the John F Kennedy Airport in New York.

Yesterday’s delay occurred after the airline’s aircraft veered off just as it turned to taxi before take off and got stuck in mud at the CJIA.

The Airline’s Local Representative Captain Gerry Gouveia today (December, 01) told iNews that “I only wish we had a bigger airport and a better taxiing way,” noting that this incident occurred at a time when the airline had all systems in place to take off on time, after experiencing continued delays.

Gouveia further explained that while the airline was taxiing out, the right side wheel slid off the tarmac and into the mud.

A decision was then taken to have the passengers disembark the aircraft and inspection was done to ensure it was safe to fly.He added that the aircraft has no mechanical problems and is now ready to takeoff. In this regard the flight which was schedule for last evening will leave the CJIA today at 1:30 hours.

He expressed disappointment at the incident and explained that they only way they can regain the trust of passengers would be through their better performance and reliability; a process that they are committed to, Gouveia stressed.

Prior to yesterday’s delays in New York, lines were long at the JFK airport with over 150 angry passengers following a delay on Thursday and Friday. The flight was more than 10 hours late on Friday.

After the airline was forced to suspend its operations due to approval issues with US authorities earlier in the year, promises of a better service was made by the US based carrier which begun its operations on November 22. However, the delays continue.



  1. Whatever caused the problem certainly wasn’t the size of the aircraft, airport, taxiway or runway!! Clearly it was human error!!!
    For years I’ve wondered why the Guyana International Airport wasn’t resited to Ogle. The terrain at Timehri doesn’t offer much in room for expansion because of its being sited on the top of a hill. The original Atkinson Field Airstrip was built by the British to facilitate their aircraft during WWII and it was advantageous to be on a hilltop. The terrain at Ogle is much better for future expansions etc. because it has more space available. The airport at Ogle is much easier access than Timehri.

  2. Exactly. CAL flies the a Boeing 767 300R into and out of Guyana without any incident. Train your pilots properly Jerry. I’m sorry, but I will not fly this airline even if it is for free. Its on my “no fly” list along with spirit airlines.

  3. These Guyanese continue with there lying ways.767 are unique.That airport can handle bigger jets than that.I am very suprise at gerry,he is just like the goverment he support.

  4. Come on Gerry – who better than you knows that other carriers have operated Boeing 767 aircraft from CJIA for years without incident –


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