Good Intent man who slit his throat after murdering lover succumbs


Several hours after reportedly murdering his lover in his Good Intent, West Bank Demerara home, 40-year-old Nigel Glasgow died from his injures he sustained while reportedly attempting suicide.

INews was told that after the man slit his throat, he underwent surgery at the medical facility to rectify the wounds to his neck. Shortly after, he was discharged and taken into police custody at the Wales Station.

This publication was reliably informed however, that around Wednesday midnight, he began complaining of discomfort and subsequently died.

Diane Hernandez,48, of Recht Door Zee, West Bank Demerara met her demise at around 04:00hrs on Wednesday while she was at her partner’s home on Murphy Street, Good Intent, West Bank Demerara.

Dead: Diane Hernandez

It was reported that the duo were involved in a visiting relationship.

According to police information, the gruesome discovery was made by the mother of Glasgow’s children, and a relative of hers.

It is alleged that the suspect contacted the woman, who is a pump attendant, and told her to take care of their children.

This raised some suspicion and when the pump attendant arrived at Glasgow’s home, she had to break into the locked house where they reportedly found the couple lying on a bed.

Hernandez’s body was on the bed, but her head was propped up with what appeared to be a cable wrapped around her neck while her hands were bound. The alleged suspect, on the other hand, was lying alongside her, bleeding from his throat.

The Murphy St home where Hernandez was killed (Shemuel Fanfair photo)

Neighbours reported that Hernandez arrived at Glasgow’s home close to midnight on Tuesday evening.

However, at around 03:00hrs, eyewitnesses reported hearing screams and shouts emanating from the man’s house.

This resulted in his two dogs barking continuously, which seemed to anger the man reportedly to the point where he killed them. They were found lifeless, with what appeared to be empty gasoline bottles next to them.

One of the dead dogs seen lying in Glasgow’s yard (Shemuel Fanfair photo)

Based on information received, the man then attempted to burn his neighbours house down after the occupants were reportedly heard screaming.

“He eyes pass me, why he didn’t burn the one he got… what me do he mek he wan burn me house?” the owner of the house, Nigam Blackman, questioned at the scene.

According to neighbours, after killing the dogs and starting a fire at their house, Glasgow reportedly padlocked his front door from the outside and gained entry into his house through a window, which he then secured once on the inside.

The two persons who made the discovery had to break the window to get into the house.

The Police were then summoned to the scene and some time after they were seen removing the alleged suspect and rushing him to the West Demerara Regional Hospital.

Prior to this incident, Glasgow was described by residents in the area as a “quiet” man.


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