GMSA’s Marketplace Uncapped expo heads to Berbice


-PR system introduced to assist small business 

File photo: Patrons engaging with exhibitors at the UncappeD Marketplace & Food Festival

The Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association (GMSA) will be taking the Marketplace Uncapped exhibition to Berbice as part of its role in assisting small businesses to promote their trades.

Vice President of the Association, Ramsay Ali informed this publication that a public relations system as been introduced to develop the profile outlook of local enterprises and capture the attention of consumers.

“We have started a PR programme to help to promote local businesses. We’re visiting the local companies and we’re developing their profile to put it out there,” he stated.

Another initiative is the Marketplace Uncapped exhibition which has generated significant interest and support in locally manufactured products.

According to Ali, Albion Ground will be the next venue on October 27, as they seek to connect some 65 exhibitors.

Vice President of GMSA, Ramsay Ali

“The expo is scheduled for Saturday October 27, at the Albion Ground. We’re looking at around 65 exhibitors. We had three so far. November last year was one and then we had two this year, one in Providence and one in Leonora. We had almost 30 store owners in Leonora that would’ve come to see what’s in it for Guyana.”

He noted that this support has led to improvement in the quality and packaging of the products as well as recognition in the Guyanese household.

“The response would’ve been extremely good in terms of the businesses. We’ve seen improvement in the businesses in terms of quality, packaging. What we’re trying to create at these events are that people should get to know these products and put them in their homes as well. It’s also to encourage supermarkets and store owners to visit,” said the GMSA’s Vice-President.

This exhibition is known to be the biggest event in the recent time for the organisation owing to partnerships from the Business Ministry and private sector entities.

As 2018 unfolds, they are hoping to continue this venture in the coming year with increased collaboration.

“That will be our biggest event for the rest of the year. We’re working closely with the Ministry of Business and Private Sector to help us to support this initiative next year.”


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