Friendship house razed


A Lot 13 Friendship, East Bank Demerara (EBD) family is now facing millions of dollars in losses after their home was completely destroyed by fire of unknown origin on Sunday morning.

These photos show the extent of the damage
These photos show the extent of the damage

According to a source, the fire started at about 11:30h and the Fire Service managed to bring it under control at about 13:30 hrs.

One of the homeowners, Rocky Bahadur explained that no one was at home when the fire started, as such they do not know of the origin:

“Actually, nobody was home. The fire started at around 11:30 and ended at about 13:30 hrs. When they [Fire Service] came, they hardly had water,” he lamented.

The man explained that the family of five is trying to come to grips with their losses as everything in the house was destroyed, including a large sum of cash.

“Everything that we owned was in the house. My wife, her mom and dad, all their visas burnt. She was going away in a few weeks so she was saving US currency and had it upstairs, apart from the money she had. We have Padma’s Creole Cuisine so all the money is usually here before we take it to the bank,” he stated.

The Fire Service has launched an investigation into the incident.


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