Four including female in custody for murder of elderly women


Four persons – including 3 males and 1 female- have been arrested in connection with the robbery and murder of two pensioners on Tuesday last at their South Road and Albert Street, Georgetown home.

This information was confirmed by Police Public Relations Officer (ag) Shiverpersaud Bacchus earlier this morning (Friday). He also noted that the suspects were between the ages of 23 and 36.

87-year-old Constance Fraser known as “Mother Fraser” and her niece, 75-year-old Phyllis Caesar were murdered during the wee hours of Tuesday last at their two storey wooden lot 243 South Road and Albert Street, Georgetown home.

Left: Constance Fraser, Right: Phyllis Caesar

Preliminary investigations had indicated that the duo may have been strangled to death in their own house.

However, Bacchus confirmed that a post mortem examination is expected to be conducted today (Friday) to conclusively determine how the women died.

When INews arrived at the scene on the day in question, police were swarming the area and a large crowd consisting of friends and well-wishers of the women had gathered.

Congregation members of the Full Gospel Assembly Church told this online publication that the women were found dead shortly before 09:00hrs. This was after the administrator of the church noticed that Caesar had not reported to the place of worship to conduct her daily duties.

“Sister Phyllis does normally be the one to open the church and so, and disable the alarms and so. So when she didn’t go in today, the church administrator tried to call her but her phone wasn’t answered. Then he went by her and no one answered so he became worried and call the police,” one church member explained.

The home where the elderly women lived

The women were found in the upper flat of the home, in their respective bedrooms, lying face down on their beds with their hands, feet and mouth bound.

Speculations are that the women were ambushed by robbers, since according to their friends; the home had been broken into twice before. However, during those times, the women had not been harmed.

“They break into the people house two times before. Them go away with coins. Wa them gon get? Is pensioners man. These people gon pay!” one woman was heard saying.

Valuables were also said to be missing, and according to one church member who identified himself as “Roy Marshall” the home had been ransacked significantly. This was later confirmed by the Police.

Police had also indicated that it appears as though the perpetrators may have gained entry into the home via the western door.

Caesar is said to be unmarried, and without children but was an active member within her church- even teaching Sunday school on a regular basis.

Fraser was identified as a widow with several children who all resided abroad. (Ramona Luthi)



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