Fmr soldier escapes after stabbing girlfriend & her mother

James Rodwell Cadogan & the now injured Zenida April

A former Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer is now evading law enforcement authorities after he stabbed his girlfriend and her mother at his Paradise, East Coast Demerara home on Tuesday evening.

On the run is 26-year-old James Rodwell Cadogan also known as “Roddie” of Haslington, ECD.

Injured are 23-year-old Zenida April, a GDF rank and her mother, Nevorn April.

Reports are that the former soldier and his girlfriend, who were living together, were having some issues prior to the stabbing. This publication understands that during one of their arguments on Monday, the ex-soldier threatened to stab his girlfriend.

As such, the girlfriend went to stay with her mother. The following day, the girlfriend, at the advice of her brother, decided to file a police report.

INews understands that the report was made at the Vigilance Police Station but the station had no patrol to send with the girlfriend so she can retrieve her belongings from the former soldier’s home.

The woman then visited the Enmore Police Station and was met with the same situation, so she decided to go without police escort, in the company of her mother and her brother This was at around 23:00h on Tuesday.

When the mother and daughter entered the house, the ex-soldier immediately locked the door from the inside, preventing the brother from gaining access into the building.

The brother told this publication that he heard his mother started to scream. The brother eventually gained entry into the house through a window but by the time he did so, the suspect had already escaped.

The mother and daughter were taken to a hospital. The daughter was stabbed some eight times about her body, including to her chest, neck, arms, and back while the mother was stabbed once to the shoulder.

The mother was treated for her injury and sent away but the daughter remains hospitalised. The brother said on Wednesday, he returned to the Police Station to follow up on the issue but the officers there seemed reluctant in helping.

The brother also contended that while police are dragging their feet in apprehending in the suspect, the family is receiving threats from him on social media. The brother further expressed home that the suspect is arrested soon since him being on the run means their family’s lives remain in danger.