FITUG says many of Govt’s promises remain unfulfilled


…as its 6th Delegates’ Conference approaches

FITUG’s President Carvil Duncan

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) will convene its 6th Delegates’ Conference under the theme “For betterment through Organisation and Solidarity” tomorrow (March 28, 2018) at the GAWU Conference Room, High Street and Wights Lane, Kingston, Georgetown.

The Federation which last held its Delegates’ Conference in February of 2015 said that a lot has taken place since then, paramount of which was was the election of the APNU/AFC Government, weeks after their 5th conference.

According to FITUG, “many of the new Government’s promises have remained unfulfilled as it approaches its three (3) year anniversary.”

Moreover, the FITUG said that it has expressed on several occasions its dismay with policies embraced by the Government which, among other things, “have brought to bear heavy pressures on the working-people through new and increased taxation for instance.”

“The Administration’s approach to the sugar industry has, for FITUG, been very worrying as the State pursued possibly the largest retrenchment exercise in the history of independent Guyana. Today, FITUG stands with those workers and their families as they face up to the difficult times brought about by what, in our view, was not a well-thought-out approach to one of our country’s economic mainstays.”

Additionally, the Federation said it is “not comforted by the slow, but steady, emergence of tentacles of authoritarianism in our society as well. We also recognise a widening rift between the haves and have-nots in our country.”

“Another major development since our last Conference was the discovery of oil and our nation becoming an oil-producing state in the not too distant future. While pleased by this development we note too the very pointed concerns that are being expressed and we believe that our patrimonial resources need to be harnessed in the interest of Guyana and Guyanese” said FITUG.

At the eve of its Conference, the Federation says that it is pleased with the collaborations between its affiliates and the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) but ‘upset’ that the President David Granger led Administration “has not seen it fit to engage the trade union movement in a sincere and frank manner.”

“Such an engagement is not only necessary but essential if the Government is really committed to giving all Guyanese a ‘Good Life’. As we reflect on the promised ‘Good Life’, which seems really to only apply to those ensconced in Government, the FITUG has to ask about the promised jobs, a safe society, and making Guyana a better place” said the Federation.

The Conference’s feature address will be delivered by social activist, attorney-at-law and chartered accountant, Christopher Ram. Moreover, a new Executive Committee would be elected and would be charged with implementing the Conference’s decision as well as steering the Federation until its 7th Conference which will be held in 2021.


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