Fire guts popular District Ultra Lounge

Fire fighters at the scene on Tuesday

Popular party spot, the District Ultra Lounge located at Giftland Mall, Pattensen, Greater Georgetown was earlier today completely destroyed by a fire of unknown origin.

The blaze reportedly started at about 13:25h inside the nightclub. At the scene, persons were already evacuated out of the mall as fire fighters assessed the damage caused by the fire.

Owner of the destroyed club, Sean Major during an engagement with the media explained that nothing was salvageable.

“I was in total shock when I went in to see that it was completely damaged, there’s no salvaging anything there and obviously we’re disappointed,” Major noted. Major stated that his next step is deciding whether to re build or move on.

Fire fighters at the scene on Tuesday

But according to the businessman the fire was not caused by electrical faults referencing to information received from fire fighters.

“This has nothing to do with electrical based on a few fire officers I spoke to. They checked the panel everything was in tack”.

On the other hand, Giftland Mall’s Owner Roy Beepat commended both the fire service and others who assisted in containing and putting out the blaze.