Father turns in man who escaped from Lethem lock-ups


Clarence Rodney, 20, who had escaped from the Lethem Police Station lock-ups last month, was brought into the police by his father, Clive King.

Rodney was wanted for escaped from lawful custody from the Lethem Police Station whilst being a remand prisoner for the offence of simple larceny.

The young man was told of the allegation and cautioned, to which he responded “I do not have nothing to say.”

He was then arrested and placed into custody at the Lethem Police Station pending charges.

On February 26, Rodney along with three other prisoners escaped from the Lethem lock-ups by digging a hole in the ground.

It was reported that the men used a metal rod measuring one foot in length to dig a hole in the ground measuring three feet in width, length and depth. There was a two-inch layer of concrete on the surface of the hole with red sand beneath.

Those who escaped are Jack King Paul, 36, of Kwatamang Village, North Rupununi; Clarence Rodney, 20, of Lethem, Central Rupununi; Yon Rogg Hernandez, also called “John Roberts”, a Venezuelan national, 26, of Tabatinga, Lethem, and Xarlos Edwards Thomas, an 18-year-old Venezuelan also of Tabatinga.

With Rodney recaptured, efforts are being made to locate and arrest the remaining three fugitives.