Eyewitness: The unrepentant…


…Green PNC prototype

Hamilton Green is proving that old political enforcers don’t just fade away: they remain lurking under rocks, always ready to slither out and create their mischief. Your Eyewitness has already commented on his treasonous words on Mark Benschop’s radio show that David Granger – who’s presently squatting on the Presidency – should “put aside the Constitution and laws” and continue squatting.

After the comment went viral, he quickly said that it was a “slip of the tongue”! But now, faced with even greater indignation – and most likely having his assets sized up for sanction by the Americans for encouraging the destruction of democracy – he’s now written to the press that he “regrets” his words! And that he’s “wedded” to the separation of power doctrine!! Yeah, right!! The man who epitomised the PNC’s “paramountcy” over the State!!

Regret?? When even in this written response to weasel out of his words, he continues lying?? Does he realise in this age of social media his comments can now be accessed whenever and wherever?? He started his latest excuse with, “Last week, in reply to a hypothetical question posed to me…blah, blah, blah”. But it was no “hypothetical” question he was answering to: Benschop asked him what advice he’d offer Granger now! Advice! And very measuredly, Green gave his answer that fits with everything he’s done from the sixties’ racial wars to this day.

According to the official Police Report, he was part of the “X-13 Plan” by the PNC, launched on April 1, 1963, to, among other things, “organise gangs to commit sabotage in times of tension…One day during the month of May 1963, a meeting was held at Congress Place between 11.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. by L.F.S. Burnham, Claude Graham and Hamilton Green. At the meeting, it was decided to use explosives on all Government buildings, the latter being the Government Ferry Stelling and the Government Produce Depot, Lombard Street.” Terrorist Green!!

Fast forward to the seventies when he led gangs against WPA meetings and later even strikers at Bookers (Guyana) Stores. There were the unexplained deaths of his wife, Shirley Field-Ridley, ex-PPP Vincent Teekah and the shooting of Ratoon’s Joshua Ramsammy in which he was implicated. Even Burnham was very leery of his thuggery and ambitions, and sidelined him for Desmond Hoyte as PM, when his confidante Ptolemy Reid stepped down.

He never forgave Hoyte for that and opposed him at every step after Burnham died. Hoyte sidelined him, as he did that other Burnhamite Granger, and Green publicly boasted that he insisted to Hoyte not to accept the 1992 elections results!!

This’s why he was the first man honoured by Granger in 2015!

Regrets his words?? Gwan da side, Green!!

…and revived X-13 plan

Granger’s a very dull, plodding fellow. In terms of his vaunted “strategic thinking”, all he does is imitate what he thinks his idol Burnham would’ve done, if he were still alive. The man’s like that nutcase Bates in “Psycho”, who kept his mummified mother’s body and spoke to it daily!!

He verified this when he told PNC supporters in Atlanta back in 2017 – that he’d imitated Burnham and captured power in 2015 like Burnham did in 1964 through a coalition. He’d follow up with rigging the next election in 2020 to dump the partner and rule happily ever after – well at least another 28 years – like Burnham!!

But he never figured on smartphones – which weren’t around in ‘64!! So, caught in flagrante delicto, and facing pressure from all and sundry, what to do?

Well, duh!! Resuscitate X-13!! Haven’t his minions and myrmidons already been stirring up racial fears among their supporters?

But Granger also forgets this time na lang time. The youths are more woke!!


Your Eyewitness knows it’s the un-reconstituted PNC we’re dealing with. But he still can’t get over how they can continue to lie when they’re confronted with their RECORDED prior statements.

Like the one where Granger repeatedly said he’d accept the Chairwoman’s recount!!