EYEWITNESS: Searching for…


…the PNC’s fulcrum

Well, it’s now out in the open…Basil Williams is being challenged for the Chairmanship of the PNC by Joseph Harmon. Of course, the obligatory genuflection to burgeoning “democracy” in the PNC (take THAT, PPP!!) had to be made! But there are ramifications far beyond the PNC observing procedural democracy in electing its executive.

But that doesn’t mean the election itself isn’t important – in fact the PROCEDURE might very well determine the outcome! Right off the bat, we should know the two individuals are actually signalling their intent to succeed David Granger as the Leader of the PNC and then onto the presidential candidate of the party in 2020. So, this should remind us of Granger’s own election as PNC leader back in 2011.

Most thought he was a candidate out of left field and were surprised he came out on top. Of course, there were the indignant protesters who felt the elections were rigged in his favour – but then that would only make it authentically PNC, wouldn’t it?!! But Granger was never out of “left field” – as he told a meeting of North American PNCites. He was a member of the PNC since he returned as a second lieutenant back in 1965.

The GDF created by Burnham from that date was always intended as an integral element of the PNC’s regime – just like the party itself. If the entire society was to be “disciplined” and the Armed Forces would be instilling the requisite “discipline”, you should understand the bona fides of the Army in any PNC order. That out of all the more senior officers in the new army, Burnham picked young David Granger to instill the new orientation where the army simply had to be loyal to the PNC and no other possible government – should signal the bona fides of Granger to claim he’s fulfilling the legacy of Burnham.

But then there’s the PNC party itself – it has its own history. It was formed by the Burnham faction of the PPP he’d split – comprising rural and urban ordinary African masses  — joining up with the UDP – the party of the upper crust Coloured and African elements. After Burnham was given office by the Brits and the Yanks – he eliminated this latter element by banning their leaders as Ambassadors. His harassment of their representatives in the Civil Service at Hope Estate was icing on his cake. Burnham’s PNC was an African PNC!

So we arrive at our two protagonists who’re about to duke it out for the Chairmanship in the month of August – not so incidentally, Emancipation Month!! Which strand each represents? And which one will win out?
That’s the real question


Your Eyewitness used to hear about diamonds being “a girl’s best friend”. It appears they’re also the Police’s best friends!! Here it is, $54 MILLION worth of diamonds are left in the care of Police – designated protector of all our property! –  and now they can’t be found?? Your Eyewitness experienced a frisson of excitement, when he read the news.

He was taken back to his dissolute youth when he’d feasted on the exploits of super sleuth Perry Mason, as he solved all sorts of mysteries!! Could this be “The Case of the Disappeared Diamonds”???

But there’s a fly in the ointment, as you’ve already figured out, haven’t you Dear Reader? We don’t have to worry about “motive” – everybody likes money!! But since the likely suspects are the Police – on account of “opportunity”! – who’s going to investigate the investigators?? But not to worry!! We already have in Guyana a fella certified at the highest level to recover assets of all types!!

Yup!! Sam Sittlington, “mentor to the Special Organised Crime Unit”!!
Play it again, Sam!!

…Abused flyers?

American Airways formally applied for permission to run flights from the States to Guyana. Their new slogan is “The World’s Greatest Flyers Fly American”.
After decades of the almost CAL monopoly, “the world’s most harassed flyers” will also fly American!!


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