EYEWITNESS: Power means…


…never having to say you’re sorry

Back in the day, there was a schmaltzy movie, “Love Story”, with the tag line, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” precipitating cascades of tears at the young heroine’s death. The phrase has inevitably been mocked, since it’s just so wrooong!! Just because you’re in love you can get away with any dumbass move? What’s right is when the phrase is linked to power! Can’t imagine Hitler telling the Jews he’s sorry, can you??

When folks get power, they automatically assume others are all yelling, “Do wha’ yuh want wid me!!” We see that all the time in Guyana with those whom we’ve elected to office, don’t we?? Yes, WE give them the POWER to do whatever they want – without ever having to say, “Sorry”. Just go back to those twenty-one promises APNU/AFC were supposed to fulfil within 100 days. Have you heard any “sorries” about, say, Constitutional Change — still not implemented? Or that Code of Conduct?

Now, you government workers, don’t even TALK about getting that 20% raise! That 100% raise of your eyebrows at THEIR 50% raise your Ministers got right after the elections should be enough for you!! Drugs have been short in all the public health facilities for the past two years. Has anyone said “sorry”, even though folks are dying? Don’t hold your breath; YOU might just croak, since they don’t have any oxygen to resuscitate anyone!! And that’s why they fly to Ireland for treatment!

But this latest refusal by Keith Scott to say ‘sorry” to our Indigenous peoples takes the cake – if for no other reason than it’s soooo gratuitous! Now Scott isn’t just ANYBODY. He’s a Minister and a one-man coalition member of APNU!! And in Parliament – where it’s all on record in Hansard – he claimed Indigenous peoples are “greedy” for asking that the original 1976 agreement granting them 24% of Guyana’s land be implemented, when African Guyanese aren’t getting 18% of Guyana.

Now this, of course, is ACDA’s position, as adumbrated by Eric Philips. So it appears that’s now the official Government position, since Scott was speaking on behalf of the Government against a PPP motion to scrap the ill-advised CoI. So here it is, Scott shows up before the National Toshaos Council this week and refuses to apologise, since he claims there is nothing for his to apologise for!!

He’s therefore maintaining (on behalf of the Government) that the Indigenous peoples are “greedy”! But where exactly are these folks getting their spunks from?
Could it be they’re emboldened by Pressie refusing to say “sorry” for saying his “perception” of the Constitution trumps the Judiciary’s?

…the law applies to others

Your Eyewitness just saw the new hit movie, “The Hit Man’s Bodyguard”. It was a very, very funny movie on a pretty serious subject – a despotic ruler of an ex-Soviet Republic in front of the International Criminal Court for war crimes. But then, what else can you expect from Ryan Reynolds teaming up with Samuel Jackson? A friend wondered why an American movie didn’t even have the US as a jump-off spot for the plot.

Your Eyewitness didn’t have the heart to tell him it was most likely because the US has REFUSED TO BECOME a signatory to the ICC’s jurisdiction!

But it’s true. The country that’s at the forefront for putting away rogue leaders for doing bad things has refused to join the ICC in fear that one of its citizens might have to appear in front of it!! What’s fair for the goose is NOT fair for the gander.

But then, if they’d signed on, George W. might just have found himself on the docks for Iraq!!

…no difference between million and billion

This Minister Patterson continues to put his size 12s into his mouth. His latest blooper was claiming Exxon would be extracting only half a million barrels of oil initially from Liza.
Oooops! He meant half a billion!!


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