…hypocrisy as female

Now your Eyewitness has heard it all! He’s sure you, dear readers, have read about the “New Thriving Incident” with Minister Simona “I is” Broomes, so he doesn’t have to regurgitate the (sordid) details. He might’ve just gagged!! It just shows you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Broomes, of course, learnt her tricks in the wilds where there’s no question the sensibilities of its denizens are quite callused, to say the least!!

We know this is our “wild west”, but some expected when she “came to town”, she’d try to cultivate some social graces. But they miss what Broomes is all about. It’s not about social graces, or ‘never see come fuh see” but about being a bully and “behaving bad” to get her way. Isn’t that how she earned her moniker, “I is” Broomes? She expects because of her position, rules don’t matter…after all, she’s MINISTER“Broomes”!!

And in this matter Broomes is certainly not alone…it’s just because of her bush background, she doesn’t know how to be subtle about it. What Broomes wants…Broomes gets!! But after the last tantrum she threw when she didn’t get her way – to get her food – Broomes tried a new trick to weasel out of the blatant falsehood she told on the two guards. And which resulted in them being imprisoned. If it weren’t for the CCTV footage which went viral, those men would’ve been certainly fired.

And this is what Broomes came up with: “I feel disrespected as a woman, as a citizen of Guyana, and I feel targeted.” SHE feels disrespected?? What about those two guards who were cussed out by her and her driver and security? Broomes is degrading the work feminists have done to get society to appreciate the daily slights women are subjected to. By being the bully she is and throwing her weight around, she gives credence to the argument that women just want to abuse power like the men they criticise.

Broomes can’t be allowed to get a free pass on her habitual despicable behaviour towards ordinary citizens – who put her in office. She’s a walking poster child for official abuse of power by politicians once they get into office. Living in a million-dollar government-funded house, having their own security and driver of her heavily tinted SUV, Broomes is now above the rules of civilised conduct as she throws around her 50% augmented salary! Not to mention the monies she gets for the land she leased for gold mining.
Civility and humility were two qualities that got David Granger elected president and folks hoped he’d end the “wrong and strong” behaviour that typified the previous PNC government.

Looks like it was just an act!!

…the Court

Everyone and their Uncle are panning Trump for arranging the retirement of Kennedy on the US Supreme Court so that he can “pack” it with a more conservative replacement to push his right wing agenda. For instance, to roll back more than half a century of progressive law allowing women control of their bodies so they can choose abortion till the second trimester of pregnancy. “The cad and bounder!” we swear under our breaths.

But isn’t Granger doing the identical thing here in Guyana by refusing to go along with trying to find consensus with the Opposition leader to select the next Chancellor and insisting on his own, unilateral choice? He’s packing our Court to ensure his “perceptions” – which he insists are equal to the JUDGEMENTS of the Chief Justice – becomes the law of the land!
But in packing the courts, Trump and Granger aren’t only affecting judicial OUTCOMES.
More dangerously, they’re undermining the legitimacy of the judicial PROCESS! And this will be fatal for democracy.


The Ministry of Education through its Department of Education Georgetown held a workshop which focused on ‘Diversity Education and Inclusiveness’.

How about advising Granger on diversity in his Ministerial appointments?? Or there’s no need for diversity in Governmental appointments??


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