…in race relations

Three Afro-centric organisations of Guyana, The African Cultural and Development Association (ACDA); Pan African Group (Guyana) Branch; The All African Guyanese Association, and “Concerned Citizens in the Diaspora” weighed in on our most recent political contretemps with a most intriguing conclusion. They declared: “The recent Constitutional appointment by His Excellency David Arthur Granger has publicly revealed what Africans in Guyana and the Caribbean all know. Indians do not want to be ruled by an African Leader because they believe they are superior to Africans.”

Now, up to now, your Eyewitness hadn’t been seized by this nugget of political insight. It’s clear he was suffering under some misapprehension because the AFC of Moses Nagamootoo and Khemraj Ramjattan had brought in some 11% Indian Guyanese votes to the APNU/AFC Coalition – which had pushed them over the winning line. Surely, those Indians – most from their “heartland” of Berbice — didn’t mind being “ruled” by an African Leader. But then again, Nagamootoo did say he was NOT an “Indian”, so maybe he doesn’t count — in more ways than one!!

But one of those AFC Indian MPs, one Charanrass Persaud, just published a very spirited defence of the “African Leader’s” decision on the GECOM Chair!! Surely, he doesn’t mind being so “ruled”. And over the last two years, two of the most prolix defenders of that “African Leader’s” policies overall have been from two young Indians from Reg 5 and 3.

Or could it be they thought they wouldn’t be “ruled” by any one person, but by a coalition of parties — including their AFC — which would have some influence? And what about those Indians in APNU, like PNC General-Secty Amna Ally and Ronald Bulkan? They don’t seem to have a problem being “ruled” by an African Leader.  Or Rupert Roopnaraine, the key ally of the PNC to form APNU? Isn’t he Indian? In fact some say he’s the architect of that early coalition which served to give the “African leader” cover for his PNC baggage!

But going by the blogs and social media, it appears that ACDA’s position — Indian’s refusal to be “ruled by an African leader” — is very widespread in the Afro-Guyanese community. And it isn’t only directed at the usual “Indian” suspects; for instance, the cane-cutters etc. Joe Singh used to be the paradigmatic “good Indian” – both because of his personal and professional choices.

Yet, his resignation and Chris Ram’s were bitterly condemned as an “Indian” act. And finally, does Glen Lall also not want to be “ruled by an African”?

Have we finally crossed the Rubicon in race relations?

…in fake news

To the credit of some in civil society, there’s been some effort to educate the Guyanese people about the heist that is being planned to take place when the petroleum revenues start flowing. At the last forum, former Speaker Ralph Ramkarran dared to point out there’s no DIRECTIVE in the Petroleum Act (“shall”) for the said funds to go into the Consolidated Funds.
For this he was taken to task in a NEWS ARTICLE” in the Muckraker, which purported to prove Ramkarran wrong.

They pointed out that the Minister SHALL direct the Commission on funds collected but he MAY direct those revenues into the Consolidated Funds!! So, placing the use of funds totally at the DISCRETION of the Minister should put the minds of the Guyanese people at ease? But the Muckraker takes the cake when it points out: in the event there’s a shortfall in the Commission’s expenditures, that SHALL be covered FROM the Consolidated funds!!
The Petroleum Funds are like cockroaches in the baited trap: they check into the Minister’s pockets — but can’t check out!!

…on CV buffing?

Your Eyewitness know we all “puff up” our resumes – especially with the descriptive language concerning our qualities. But not on qualifications and jobs held!
Say it ain’t so, Justice Patterson, or you wouldn’t be “fit OR proper”!!


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