Eyewitness: Mo’ fyaah…


…new fyaah?

The Chairman of the Joint Services Coordinating Council, GDF Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess issued an ominous warning to the Guyanese people – in light of the incendiary rhetoric of hate that has been emanating over social media. Most of the foaming-at-the-mouth individuals are aligned with the PNC and over the last five months had staunchly defended the Mingo-executed attempted rigging on behalf of the PNC. In fact, a number of them had cussed out Granger when he suddenly threw in the towel on August 2nd.

Said Brigadier Bess: “These attacks, though being observed, were expected to be short-lived. Unfortunately however, these commentators are seemingly and uncontrollably descending into the depths of lewdness. Though the true intention is not known at this time, one can certainly infer an intent of countrywide breakdown in law and order, since by personally bringing into question the professionalism and integrity of the officers, this is inevitable.”

Old people say, “When Quashie give hint; Beneba tek notice”. In this case, the Brigadier isn’t  just giving a hint of what’s coming down the pike. He’s stating as clear as day, the rationale and context for his warning about  the “ intent of countrywide breakdown in law and order”. For context, let’s just go back to the last such breakdown in our long-suffering country. It followed an election (the 1997 one) when the PNC claimed they were “cheated not defeated”. Even though a forensic audit showed they were full of “you know what”, all hell broke out.

Sounds familiar? Then like we’re seeing in the present – but at an intensified level with the explosion of social media – several supporters of the PNC went on television and spewed their racially suffused vitriol to raise the temperature so that the explosion which followed was almost inevitable. At that time, the attacks also started by targeting the Police – with the same accusations that are being hurled now – and to which Brigadier Bess was responding. That the Police were partial to the PPP!!

They say that history repeats itself – but your Eyewitness sincerely hopes that the aphorism isn’t fulfilled this time. Surely, Guyana will not be able to survive another round of the barbarism that was carried out between 1998 and 2008 in this country. But forewarned is forearmed and the forces of law and order must be supported by all law-abiding citizens to ensure that the misguided miscreants spewing their hate over social media don’t gain a toehold in Guyana.

We have just had a democratic election. All right-thinking Guyanese must know that the Courts are the forum for the PNC to ventilate their issues.

Certainly not in the streets… and not with blood.

…between AFC and PNC?

The AFC “National Executive Council” met as promised – to discuss the PNC’s unilateral abrogation of the Accord that was supposed to delineate their relations (and most importantly, divvy up the spoils!) after the elections. In this case, the bones of contention were the Vice-Chair of the Reg 4 and Reg 10 RDCs, that were promised to be given to them in case the coalition won those regions. Well, the coalition did so win, but voila! the PNC pulled the seats out from under them and the AFC fell flat on their behinds!!

They didn’t find it funny when they were told they’d get 30 per cent of the spoils – -which was the Vice-Chair of Reg 7!!  Well, the AFC leaders met, but all they did was tell their executive member David Patterson who’d resigned in disgust (he’d brokered the Accord) “don’t go!”

Seems most Execs present decided they should break with the PNC, but Ramjattan and Trotman said no.

So who’s surprised?

 …from old roots?

David Granger announced that the PNC was going back to “its roots” by opening up a PNC office in Agricola.

So, having lost the rogue elements in Georgetown to Volda, he’s tapping into those in Agricola??