EYEWITNESS: Killing dreams…


…in the US

The US is a nation of immigrants, but you wouldn’t think so, based on the way President Trump and his supporters are carrying on and acting. When the “Pilgrim fathers” landed at Plymouth Rock, weren’t there PEOPLE who greeted them and gave them food? Who was Pocahontas, for crying out loud? But they say, tell a lie long enough and pretty soon you begin to believe your lie as the “gospel truth”!

You know who said that? Hitler’s propaganda honcho, Goebbels, who insisted the Jews were wiped out “for their own good”. Well looks like the Native Indians in the US were all herded into ‘reservations” “out of sight, out of mind” for their “own good”. But if you look carefully at what’s unfolding – some immigrants are less equal than others, and the line is clear as black and white. Heck, the line IS black and white!!

All those folks who came from Europe – who just HAPPENS to be white – are OK! Even Trump’s present wife is an immigrant from Slovenia, who started to work even before she got a visa permitting that. But the immigrants that Trump went after during the campaign – and has now started to implement measures to expel are all of a darker hue. “Immigrant” is a trope for “coloured from overseas”!

Never mind these immigrants have taken all the literally dirty jobs that others won’t touch with a 10-foot pole. Well if those folks were to even go…then the “Americans” remaining will soon discover what it is to live in a hell-hole like Georgetown led by its Gang of Four! But the latest action by Trump is low even by his truncated standards. Think of this. When Obama was President he asked all children of illegal immigrants to register in a “Dreamers” programme which, in accordance with basic humanity, would allow them to live in the USA, educate themselves and serve their new homeland as citizens.

But Trump, while shedding crocodile tears of “contrition”, has now cancelled the programme and placed some 800,000 mostly Spanish and coloured children – some now adults – in line to be deported. And they talk about “Indian givers”!! Your Eyewitness is convinced this will be a defining moment for America in this century and beyond.

After its declaration of independence in 1776, the US was exemplified by the Statue of Liberty with its boldly engraved message: “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” No more…
It’s now “everyman for himself and the devil take the hindmost”. Especially if the latter’s dark!!

…in women

What exactly is going on with this Government and women. Right after the elections we had women rights activists pointing out the paucity of women in the Cabinet and the Boards.

A lot of throat clearing ensued but nothing was done. Then we had the broken promise to Government workers on the “substantial raise” written in black and white in the APNU/AFC manifesto. Most of the workers in the lowest brackets were women. Red Thread poignantly asked how they were to live.

Now, you’ve heard the one by Marie Antoinette when told the peasants didn’t have bread, haven’t you? “Let them eat cake”!! Well this Government that’s all heart just bested her. Told that guards in general, and women guards in particular, were getting ridiculously low wages – especially at nights – Minister Scott announced, “Well don’t hire women at nights!!”

He of course, would like us to believe he’s really looking out for women’s safety. But let’s get real…wouldn’t it have been better to insist they get paid a special rate?
Then maybe they can afford cabs to get home!!

…in the Police

The ordinary folks know the Police Force needs a good hosing down to get rid of some bad apples. But seriously, folks, does the Government have to wash the dirty ones in public?


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