…the Constitution

Whatever doubts your Eyewitness expressed yesterday about the PNC-led coalition Government’s intentions after the Chief Justice’s rulings on their challenges to the NCM – that President and Cabinet should’ve resigned immediately after Dec 21 – were swept away by PNC party leader Granger’s inelegant but emphatic announcement, “I ain’t goin’ no way!” Granger was in full campaign mode in front of a large throng of green-clad party faithful at the opening of a “Reg 3 Congress Place” and spoke in the vernacular to energise his bused-in supporters.

He announced he was taking his delaying tactics all the way to the CCJ. Now that’s his right – everyone’s entitled to his day in court and all that – save when the case is an “abuse of process”, as this clearly is.

But Guyana isn’t an island – figuratively and literally – and in behaving in such a cold, callous and opportunistic fashion, Granger’s burning up a lot of our hard-earned international social capital.

The UN Resident Representative, for instance, spoke directly to Granger when she announced: “The delivery of the decisions by the Chief Justice demonstrates the independence and integrity of the Judiciary in protecting the Constitution and upholding the rule of law. The Honourable Speaker’s earlier validation of the process of the controversial voting at the National Assembly was testimony of the integrity of the legislative arm of the State.

“It is hoped that the third arm of the State, the Executive, will demonstrate its integrity and respect for Guyana’s Constitution and the Judiciary that constitute the foundation for the rule of law.” But it’s clear Granger and his team have no regard for our Constitution and the Judiciary.

Didn’t he already refer to a judgement of the Chief Justice as her “perception” and that he’s also entitled to his?? More than any other outburst, this illustrates his contempt for that co-equal branch of government.

But just as insidiously, Granger and company are undermining in our people, the very basis of democratic legitimacy in parliamentary governance – the principle of majority rule. He’s never questioned his winning Reg 8 by a SINGLE vote – 1837 to 1836 of the PPP’s. With that single vote, his coalition was awarded the SINGLE seat over the PPP – 33-32 – that made him President and in control of the Government.

Yet now that he was voted out on a no-confidence motion sanctioned by the Constitution, he ridicules the MP voting his conscience and his government falling by one vote: “There’s got to be something undemocratic about that; there got to be something cruel and callous about that… Yuh just jook, stab yuh in de back!”
What’s “undemocratic” about a procedure where his Chief Whip taunted: “Bring it on!!”??

…his AFC pal??

Your Eyewitness had broached the touchy subject of “every man for himself; and the Devil take the hindmost” attitude that enveloped the AFC after its “dead meat” status was confirmed following the LGE. This behaviour is also induced in rats in sinking ships!! The phenomenon’s most starkly illustrated with the intra-AFC manoeuvrings to snag the PM slot in the upcoming elections.

Now, we’ve got to remind ourselves that this “PM position” has been transformed – after 2015 – into one where the incumbent – at this point Moses Nagamootoo – is always poised to be overlooked!! Even though he’d earlier demurred from running again, Nagamootoo now coyly allows that he wouldn’t “mind it”. Interestingly, he’s now backed by AFC Leader Raphael Trotman – who’d pipped him for the Speakership back in 2011 – which alone should’ve made him question his decision.

But now, his rescuer from political oblivion – after he was cast out from the PPP – Ramjattan, has now said HE’S willing to be PM candidate!!
So, will Nagamootoo “do the right thing” and move aside?? Yeah, right!!

…Guyanese in the eye

Do GECOM Chair James Patterson and his CEO Lowenfield believe they have any shred of credibility left – with even PNC supporters – after deliberately dragging their feet on preparing for elections on March 19?
Yeah, right!!


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