EYEWITNESS: It’s a shame…


…by the PNC on Jagan

When David Granger, Leader of Guyana – and President of Guyana through the help of AFC’s self-professed “Jaganite” Moses Nagamootoo, pulled the commemorative stamps that were supposed to be released on Cheddi Jagan’s 100th birthday, March 22, some bought his claim that the thing “had to be done right”! Meaning that the stamps would be released officially by the State and NOT through the sponsorship of the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (CJRC) in collaboration with the GPOC and the subject Communications Minister, Cathy Hughes.

What a crock that turned out to be! It had nothing to do with “doing the right thing” and all about political spite!! It sticks in the craw of the PNC that Jagan, as the man who founded the PPP, can be credited as “father of Guyana’s Independence”!! Granger just couldn’t allow the CJRC to release the stamps and give proper credit to Jagan. PNCites like Granger contort themselves into pretzels trying to “explain” how Burnham “also” founded the PPP.

But the PPP was already formed with individuals who were representative of the country’s polyglot origins. Ashton Chase was the “African” rep. However Jagan’s contact in the Communist Party of England informed him that Forbes Burnham had just become an English lawyer and he’d garner more support in that section. Chase was asked to step aside for Burnham – which he graciously did. So when the PPP was launched with Burnham as the chair and Jagan as the Leader in 1950, space had been created for him in a structure that was already in place!! All that was left was the announcement!!

The PNC will NEVER concede Jagan’s pre-eminence! NEVER!! But do they have to be so petty about it?? How’d they issue the commemorative stamps at the Ministry of the Presidency and the President – with every one of his Ministers and Vice Presidents skip the event??!! The unkindest cut of all was the absence of Moses Nagamootoo, who invariably didn’t only call himself a “Jaganite” – but actually referred to Jagan as “Pa”!!

Hydar Ally of the CJRC showed up – but after seeing as to how the great man was being snubbed by the Government, he should’ve done the decent (and honourable) thing and walked out! What Granger and the PNC has done is insult all the people who saw Jagan as their leader – half of this country. History will never absolve him from this act of infamy and betrayal to the generosity of spirit that this country is noted for.

He should remember that the people of Buxton represented that spirit when they insisted that Jagan’s funeral cortage stop at their village.
Granger should hang his head in shame!!

…to take PPP’s credit

Public Infrastructure Minister – used to be called “Works”, but that’s the Granger touch! – is basking in the glory of some projects that are proceeding under his watch. But if he had any shame, he’d give much of the credit to the PPP Administration which conceptualised, designed, sourced funding and contractors for the projects!! And which were all criticised by his AFC and PNC when in Opposition!!

Take the biggest one over which Patterson’s been preening and puffing out his chest about – the expanded CJIA. Exactly what did he do there – save pay more for less?? And the WCD Highway?? And the EBD bypass – which he’s only gotten around to doing the paperwork with the Government of India!! Three years later!! Does he really want to say he did anything on the new Demerara Harbour Bridge, save ensuring the “Ming Swing” gets into the design so the PNC’s financier can sell his land for a kingdom??
But to be fair to him, he is responsible for the D’Urban Park wood ants-stadium!!

…the law’s been made an ass

Some folks don’t even know when to come out of the rain. Three years – and billions of dollars forked out – later, AG Basil Williams finally decided he’d better find out what outstanding cases he’s responsible for!!


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