EYEWITNESS: Hot potato…


…or sacrificial lamb?

A GAWU official claimed the Government was playing musical chairs with GuySuCo. The problem with that metaphor is: its elimination of a player at any given circle is by chance. With GuySuCo, there’s nothing random about its elimination of estates; this Government knows exactly what it wants to do with GuySuCo — and it’s all about eventually throwing all 17,000 sugar workers into the streets.

You just wait and see! Think about it: why would anyone who wanted to have a go at saving GuySuCo put a fella like Noel Holder at its helm?? The guy wouldn’t know a “wild cane” from a “sugar cane” even if he was being whipped on the nether regions with either one!! Holder was placed at the head of GuySuCo as a fall guy, so no identifiable PNC character could be identified with its demise.

Don’t forget the AFC didn’t even nominate him for the position. The PNC let on that it was done out of respect for his wife, the departed Sheila Holder. Now, what cock-and-bull story is this: the AFC had demanded an outsized 40% of Cabinet seats, and the PNC, out of the generosity of its heart, gave them one seat extra?!! Yeah, right!! And there is a tooth fairy!! Truth of the matter is: Noel Holder’s just the sacrificial lamb, to take the blame for the eventual closure of GuySuCo.

Lots of people blamed him for not even visiting workers at Wales even months after it was closed. Fact of the matter is: when the PNC unilaterally closed it, the poor fella was still digesting the voluminous CoI Report on GuySuCo, which mentioned esoteric concepts like “p.o.l” and “sugar cane” and such like!! The closure was so unilateral Holder wasn’t even told!! That’s why it was Cathy Hughes – who knows even less about sugar – who eventually visited Wales.

On this last squabble about who’s running GuySuCo, of course Holder’s in charge. Who else would want to be left holding the bag?? So what GuySuCo shares – meaning ownership — are now with NICIL, and Jordan’s responsible for NICIL? But why would he want to say he’s captain of the Titanic of sugar? The $30 billion could’ve been borrowed by the SPU via owner, NICIL, and THEY’LL decide how it’s spent. Or, more pertinently, how it’s NOT spent!!

If they’d given the loan money to Holder, having just finished reading the CoI Report, he might have just thought the money was for saving the sugar estates, as the CoI had recommended!!

There was a glimmer of hope when he’d realised what was going on and had said he wasn’t in charge, some time ago. But the hot potato was just thrown back at the sacrificial lamb!! Baaah!!

…on Government funds

Article 216 of the Constitution of Guyana states pithily: “All revenues or other (sums of) money raised or received by Guyana (not being revenues or other sums of money payable by or under an Act of Parliament into some other fund established for any specific purpose; or that may, by or under such an Act, be retained by the authority that received them for the purpose of defraying the expenses of that authority) shall be paid into and from one Consolidated Fund.”

Notice that word “shall” near the end of that CONSTITUTIONAL article??  It means if it’s not complied with, the governmental transgressor’s facing some serious jail time! And, as your Eyewitness said sometime ago, the man in the crosshairs is Finance Minister Jordan, who’s been holding out on the Exxon bonus.

Former AG Nandlall has just announced that Jordan will be hauled before the Courts for, first, conceding the bonus was placed in a BoG account; and after Harmon said it would go into the Consolidated Funds, now saying it was invested into US T-Bills!!

…on electronic payments

Isn’t Jordan putting the cart before the donkey? He’s blithely initiated the “National Payment System” on international transfers of funds when the enabling legislation doesn’t exist.
What happens when some smooth operator hauls him to court?



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