EYEWITNESS: Gaslighting…


…Guyana on crime wave

In the 1944 movie “Gaslight,” Ingrid Berman plays the role of a hapless housewife whose husband manipulates her into believing she’s crazy. One of his tricks was dimming the gas lights in the home then telling her she’s imagining things.

The term stuck to describe all those narcissistic and psychotic manipulators who mess with peoples’ minds to make them doubt themselves — and of course believe the manipulator, who’s pushing his own agenda.

And it’s not just a technique that’s used by men or women in abusive relationships; politicians use it all the time to make you cast aside even opinions you formed through personal experience. They frequently use “the big lie” so confidently you begin to wonder!

Take PNC leader David Granger – who’s also the President of our Republic – who just announced he’s going to launch Commissions of Inquiry into crime spree!

Previously, he’d spoken about the crime wave and its mass killings in the first decade of the millennium as “the Troubles”, but suddenly he’s transformed that into the crime spree. This is an example of repeating the gaslighting Big Lie so often (and you can now see the phrase daily in the Chronic!) you begin to doubt what you know to be the truth.

And what’s that truth? It’s all on the public record. The “troubles” began after the PNC – with Hoyte as the leader – refused to accept that the 1997 elections were won by the PPP, even though ALL overseas observers, including the Carter Center, had once again certified them as “free and fair”.

The PNC launched massive protests in Georgetown to remove Janet Jagan as president as they “wuk pon she”.
Hoyte described his strategy as “Slow fyaah”, and it played out as periodic marches in Georgetown; then there were attacks and arson on Indian-Guyanese stores following a day of brutal beatings of ordinary members of that community on Jan 12th 1998.

The PPP capitulated and had their president resign, cut their term of office by 2 years, altered the constitution to reduce the powers of the presidency, and increased the powers of  the Opposition etc EVEN THOUGH THE PNC-DEMANDED “FORENSIC AUDIT” SHOWED NO BALLOT TAMPERING!

Hoyte then ratcheted up his strategy and described it as “Mo’ fyaah”. Murder, kidnappings, robberies and banditry were added to the actions taken to oust the PPP government.

The 2002 Mash Jailbreak by 5 convicted killers took matters to a whole new level after they holed up in Buxton, called themselves “Freedom Fighters” for African Guyanese, and launched attacks on the Police and Indian Guyanese.

Any other version is gaslighting! Screwing with your mind.
The “Troubles” should most correctly be dubbed “The Mo’ fyaah killings”!

…on oil contract

While the new PNC government – you really think the AFC, WPA and the other nonentities in the “coalition” have any influence?? – has refined gaslighting to a whole new level,

Raphael Trotman has to be given pride of place with his defence of his Oil Contract! First there were all the Big Lies as to why the contract couldn’t be released; then, with the bonus, there were some dark hints about “national security” concerning our border. That queasy feeling you had all along?

That’s a hint you were being gaslighted.

Since then, there hasn’t been a day passing when a new revelation on giveaways doesn’t get a gaslighting “explanation”.

The latest one has to do with the Petroleum Commission which is supposed to be the REGULATOR of the sector, as well as monitoring of production etc. The question is: why should such a body also collect revenues? Isn’t this a recipe for corruption? “I’ll report lower production and you put some cash in my overseas account”!!

And that’s why you’re queasy the GRA’s not collecting all revenues?

…on Crime COIs

You also know you’re being gaslighted when the Government insists on starting the “Mo fyaah killings” inquiry from the end.

It’s not that they just have it backwards; they’re messing with your minds!


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