EYEWITNESS: Fit and able…


…but not proper?

For a party that some say is down to six (old) men inside Guyana and probably five outside, the WPA continues to dominate the headlines. And this is as it should be…because for a lot of folks, the WPA in its heyday was a very bold experiment in a new politics that tried to break out of the straitjacket the “old politics” had created. Not that it was perfect or anything – what is? – but the envelope was pushed and that was important.

The PNC – with the connivance of the Americans – had effectively boxed the PPP out of the political equation even though they had the support of half of the country. With the 1973 elections rigged to give the PNC a two-thirds majority so they could do whatever they wanted to do and make it “legal” by amending the Constitution, the future looked bleak for engendering change from within. Enter the WPA – and more importantly – enter Walter Rodney in 1974.

Just as how it had taken a died-in-the-wool anti-communist – Richard Nixon – to visit Communist China in 1972 and legitimise it because he couldn’t be accused of being a “sell out” by anti-communists, Walter Rodney had the Pan-African and Black Power credentials locally and internationally to oppose Burnham and the PNC and not exacerbating the local racial divide. So while the star of the WPA certainly waned after Rodney’s assassination in 1980, the founding premises still smouldered. Even though as “what might’ve been”.

And we segue into the present fissioning of the remnants of the WPA under the gravitational force of the PNC, their old nemesis. The firing of David Hinds, the most vociferous WPA voice over the last two decades, in an effort to silence that voice was the PNC’s action that revived memories of the PNC’s “sharper steel”.

But this time it would appear that instead of warning the WPA to “make their will”, the PNC is using State largesse al la Burnham’s older technique when he destroyed its UF coalition partner by buying off key members.

And we have the sorry spectacle of Rupert Roopnaraine – once seen as right up there with Walter Rodney in brainpower at least – saying he disagrees with his erstwhile WPA comrades that the time has come to think of departing the coalition. Sadly, he’s taken this position even though he’s been humiliated by the PNC when he was demoted from a senior Ministry – education – to replacing Jennifer Westford for Public Service.

So your Eyewitness will raise the question frontally. Roopnaraine says he’s “fit and able” for his job.

But is he “proper” by the standards set by Walter Rodney?

…to fly Guyana?

Most Guyanese must be excited about American Airlines’ announcement that by yearend, they’ll being flying to Guyana. After the treatment that Caribbean Airlines has been doling out to Guyanese, who can blame them?? And it doesn’t hurt that AA’s the largest airline in the world with at least 1600 craft – no problem with “unavailable” replacements!! But sadly, there’s a fly in the ointment: AA’s only flying to Miami!!

Now, why would an airline forgo the most popular Guyanese destination, when the number of bodies in the plane – seat occupancy – is the Holy Grail in the business? Well, the answer to that is simple – just look at where’s AA’s headquartered: Dallas Texas!! Still don’t get it?

Well how about that Exxon’s located in Texas?? And while Dallas may not be Houston, it’s just a hop, skip, jump away!!

AA is therefore planning on servicing all those Texas oil roustabouts who will not put up with Caribbean Airlines disdainful dismissal of Guyana’s traffic.

And that’s why we have an airbus that just seats 120!!

…but improper

Saw a Golden Arrowhead – with the green suggesting “forest” strategically positioned – fashioned as a bikini on a model advertising “Soca pon di Strip!”
While the girl looks fit and very able, it is proper??


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