EYEWITNESS: Equal opportunity…


…screwing of GUYSUCO employees

Guysuco was the inheritor of the institution that introduced the rigid hierarchical structure of Guyanese society. In the beginning was the white man and the black man – owner and property/slave. You can’t get more hierarchical than that!! Whatever followed – like the owners having overseers and managers and slavery succeeded by indentureship, and then “free-labour” represented by unions and all that – were simply variations of that theme.

But this PNC government is demonstrating that-  as far as they’re concerned – THEY’RE the new Massa, and ALL of Guysuco’s employees are grunts who can be treated like chattel property. Up to now the focus has been on the PNC firing almost 7000 employees field and factory of the corporation and casting them into the canals. Sink or swim, was the advice – they were on their own.

But it’s now clear the senior staff haven’t been spared the spite and bile of the government – in fact the PNC seems determined to bring their most vulnerable members – their retirees – down on their knees and then kick them while they’re down. After working all their life for Guysuco – many of them going back to the days of Bookers when they saved the country with the sugar levy Burnham extracted – they were left to eke out their living from their pensions.

But right after the PNC took over in 2015, they decided this pension had to go. At that point, according to the actuarial projections Guysuco owned $31 billion to those pensioners. Now obviously all of this doesn’t have to be paid out at once – and the moneys could be invested to deliver a return. But to keep it viable the government was supposed to make a 1% contribution annually – which they immediately stopped.

So with this combo of no dividend from investments and no government contributions – it doesn’t take a genius to understand the Pension Fund’s in deep trouble. Especially after firing hundreds of Senior Staff, whose pensions are now due! In fact, in 2015, the Fund already had more than a $1 billion current deficit…which god knows must have mushroomed like an atomic bomb by now. But who cares? Not the Minister who says he don’t know nothing – which of course is an endemic condition for him!! Nor the CEO of Guysuco who promised answers six months ago but has been mum ever since.

But there will be no answer that makes sense save the one your Eyewitness made at the beginning. That to this PNC government, the ENTIRE sugar industry is a red flag  that drives them into fire-red rage.

Sugar, and all that kept it going for the last 28+23 years, must be destroyed!!

…not Guyanese criminals!

Your Eyewitness is still trying to wrap his head around this decision of our “JUSTICE SYSTEM” to free two girls who arranged for one of their boyfriends to murder their pensioner father. Why? Well, because the boyfriend admitted he killed the man after the girls lured him to the kitchen of his house where the boyfriend was waiting to smash his head in. So the boyfriend gets 14 years and the girls gets new lives in Canada!!

Now what happened to the legal doctrine of joint-enterprise in the killing – exemplified most recently in R v Jogee?? The girls, as far as the facts in the public domain show, aided, abetted and in fact PLANNED the killing!! The requisite intent demanded by case law is there for any jury to see!! So how come the charges were discontinued?? Your Eyewitness is convinced, unless shown otherwise, that the girls got off scotch free because the Canadian Embassy got involved for their citizens.

So the Guyanese boy becomes the patsy!! Some justice!!

…employment at GECOM?

Roger Luncheon, of the PPP claims GECOM is discriminating against Indian applicants for jobs in the agency.

So if his assessment of the lack of suitable African candidates for the Foreign Service became the “Bible” for the PNC, what say they now??


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