Exxon teams up with Communities Ministry – building communities’ solid waste management capacity


The Ministry of Communities is building the capacity of regional democratic organs to provide waste management services, according to the Department of Public Information.

This process is being assisted through collaboration with ExxonMobil in a workshop held today at the Pegasus Hotel. The sessions were facilitated by the Environmental Resources Management (ERM) company. The workshop was attended by members of the Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and private sector.

Participants at the workshop

ERM Representative Paul Fletcher said the workshop is the first in a series between ERM and the Ministry. “This first workshop is really just to help you gain the knowledge of a number of the general principles…of integrated waste management”, Fletcher explained at the opening of the workshop.

Public Relations Officer of the Ministry of Communities, Danielle Campbell-Lowe said the collaboration is part of the Ministry’s mandate “to build the capacity of the local democratic organs” and “to provide waste management services that are affordable, adequate in an efficient and effective manner,” DPI said.


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