EX-CIA chief Mike Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state

Mike Pompeo (AFP)
Mike Pompeo (AFP)

(BBC)- The US Senate has confirmed former CIA director Mike Pompeo as secretary of state, ending a tough confirmation battle.

Mr Pompeo had been accused by Democrats of being a war hawk and harbouring anti-Muslim and homophobic views.

The Senate voted 57-42 to approve him as America’s top diplomat, the second of the Trump presidency.

His predecessor, Rex Tillerson, was sacked last month by the president via Twitter amid a personality clash.

Republican senators, who control the upper chamber, voted unanimously on Thursday to confirm Mr Pompeo. Six Democrats joined them.

The approval comes in time for Mr Pompeo to lead a US delegation to Nato foreign minister talks in Brussels this weekend.

He has been arranging a summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea’s leader in the coming months.



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