Essequibo businesswoman robbed at gun point


Police in ‘G’ Division (Essequibo Coast\Essequibo Islands) are currently investigating an alleged armed robbery which was committed on businesswoman Bibi Shazeena Mohamed of Queenstown village. The incident occurred on  around 9:30 hrs today at her Queenstown home on the Essequibo Coast.

INews understands that the businesswoman was robbed $195,000 in cash after a male approached her wanting to purchase ply-board. The businesswoman, popularly called ‘Shazo’, usually sell ply board for a business.

Relating her story, the victim in tears said she was in her kitchen washing dishes when she heard someone calling. When she checked, she saw “a black boy” (of African ancestry), medium built and about 5 feet in height, inquiring from her the price for one ply-board.

After disclosing $3000 per sheet, the male left and returned about half hour later in a tinted white car with a $5000 bill. The woman then collected the money and left for the kitchen to change same when she was approached by the person with “a black hand gun”.

The criminal then placed it to her head demanding her not to scream, as well as all the cash she has in her possession.

Without hesitation she immediately handed over the money and he made good his escape. The businesswoman said she subsequently raised an alarm and a report was made to ranks from the Major Crime Unit at the Anna Regina Police Station. Police visited the scene but nothing of evidence was reportedly found. Investigations are continuing.


  1. na na Shazo , it cannot be a black boy. Black people don”t rob. Especially indian people. Them na racist to rob coolie people .Period they don”t do wrong things . Them a go church every Sunday . So ,put yo story right . Or go get wan eye test.You see President Granger a release them .


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