Eric Phillips roasted for racist rant to kill PPP Cabinet members


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said it has observed a recent racist rant of Eric Phillips, an employee of the State Assets Recovery Unit (SARU) based at the  Ministry of the Presidency, in which Mr. Phillips has published on his Facebook page, a threat to kill members of the PPP Cabinet and their families “bar none.”

The PPP, in a statement, said this irrational publication has placed the lives of every former PPP Cabinet member and every current PPP Parliamentarian and their respective families, in jeopardy.

The PPP said it takes this threat most seriously and is considering a number of courses of actions, upon which it will embark to address it.  “We will inform the public accordingly, in due course,” the party said in its statement.

The offensive rant by Eric Phillips on his Facebook page


  1. In many instances,the Opposition Leader Jagdeo used Babu Jaan and other avenues to spill his racist slangs,inciting our Indian brothers and sisters.I believe,this is a very FOOLISH method being used for politics sake.If anyone traces the origin or roots of many of us,it will be discovered,that we are a very large mixed community.The alleged response from Eric I think,is just being human.I believe,both sides have erred,and MUST CEASE.Guyana belongs to all of us,and we MUST recognize and appreciate that.

  2. This scum bag needs to be fired and put in jail immediately this racist bigot he is a low life .Why isn’t he in prison for his remarks ? This is the type of scums Granger employs-If an indian made such threats he would be dead but because this cannibal is one like granger they will not do a darn thing.


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