Environmentalist gives President Ali’s Cabinet thumbs up

Environmentalist Annette Arjoon

Environmentalist Annette Arjoon has fully endorsed President Irfaan’s Ali Cabinet as “a good mixture” of competent Guyanese who are very capable of ensuring the new Government’s developmental agenda is carried out successfully.

Arjoon, who appeared on the programme ‘Government in Focus’ on Thursday evening said that she was very impressed with “the mix between our youth as well as gender,” noting that there are seven female ministers, all with their own particular skill-set, included in the Cabinet.

“So for me it was a really impressive line-up; and I think in terms of moving forward with the programmes;  President Ali was very clear that they are hitting the ground running. I am very excited to see what this new team will bring,” she posited.

Arjoon highlighted that based on the interviews she has seen so far with the new Ministers, she was very excited to hear about their plans and programmes and how they will go about their functions.

“So clearly they are aligned to a programme that Guyana needs at this time.”

Arjoon also noted that with the inclusion of Cabinet members who had served under successive PPP administrations before, this would be a plus for the younger ministers as they would benefit from the necessary guidance and support.

“That augurs well, because undoubtedly they will have that tremendous support from their elders in the Cabinet who would have served successive terms.

“So I think they are on to a very good start,” she added.

President Dr Irfaan Ali and members of his new Cabinet

In relation to her expectation of the new Cabinet, Arjoon outlined that her hope is that the ministers would deliver on what they have pronounced on so far and work towards ensuring that Guyana becomes a modern and prosperous country for all its citizens.

The environmentalist noted that she is particularly excited about agriculture and tourism sectors since these are two areas which need a lot of attention in terms of Guyana’s long-term sustainability.

President Ali on Wednesday swore in 19 members of his new Cabinet, and among the lot are several new, vibrant and youthful faces, whom he said bring multifaceted skillset and experience to the table.

“It’s a multifaceted fusion of experience and skillsets that we brought together… So you will see many of the appointments in the various areas of Government that will fuse different corners of our society together, different interests of our society together, as we work on giving the people of our country the best possible outcome…

“You’ve taken, like I did, an oath to people of this country, and we expect nothing else but fulfillment of that oath,” the President urged his team.