Education Minister announces relaxed dress code for teachers

A teacher in a classroom at the Berbice High School

Education Minister Priya Manickchand has announced a relaxed dress code for teachers, citing the rising temperatures and the need for educators to be comfortable in their clothing.

“Times are changing and so we need to put systems in place so that our teachers will be comfortable. If teachers have to be walking around the classroom all day and they want to be in their sneakers, it is okay,” Manickchand expressed.

She made the announcement on Monday whilst addressing head teachers in Regions Five and Six during the school grant distribution exercise.

The Education Minister explained that female teachers can wear sleeveless outfits and that they do not need to wear jackets.

“We have to be able to dress to fit in with what is happening and these days are very hot.”

She also criticised the policy of some schools in not allowing students to drink water during instructional time, noting that it is important for children to hydrate themselves.

“People are saying that students cannot drink water; that cannot be a practical rule for this time in Guyana…you cannot have a policy that says that all girls must have a ponytail; that is impossible. And there are different types of hairstyles that some students come to school with and sending them home is only exposing them to the traffic and to go to unsupervised homes…,” the Minister pointed out.