East Berbice power interruption…service to be returned to normalcy by this evening


Residents in Berbice, Region Six, are presently experiencing power interruptions as a result of the 69 kv transmission line linking Onverwagt and Canefield ‘tripping’ yesterday morning due to a broken pole.

gplINews understands that because of this, the link between the Demerara and Berbice Systems is unavailable until the pole is replaced and the transmission line returned to service.

The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) this afternoon stated that due to unfavourable conditions, repairs could not be completed yesterday but the link should be restored this evening.

“Meanwhile, consumers from Canefield to Skeldon were powered through the link with Skeldon Electricity Inc until 21:07 hrs last evening. At this time, the breaker protecting this link tripped, causing extensive outage in East Berbice. Efforts to restore the link were futile, resulting in just partial restoration of power at 02:39 hrs for consumers from New Amsterdam to Albion, utilizing the Canefield Power Station,” GPL said.

INews was told that customers from Skeldon to Moleson Creek were only repowered this morning around 09:37 hrs when the link with SEI was re-established and Skeldon to Albion subsequently at 10:45 hrs.




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