Early morning fire partly destroys Essequibo business


A Charity, Essequibo businessman is now left counting his losses after a fire of unknown origin, partly destroyed his business in the wee hours of Friday morning.

The fire reportedly started in the third floor of the A&S complex of Alfro Alphanso, at Charity, Essequibo sometime around 12:50h.

Inews understands that a security guard reported that she was at the front of the building when she began to smell what seemed like wires burning.

As such, the woman, 41-year-old Kowsilla Boodram ventured to the back of the building to inspect and it was then that she saw smoke emanating from the third floor.

She immediately raised an alarm and the fire service was called.

The fire tender 88 and a team of 10 headed by Sub Officer Crawford arrived and went into action and managed to extinguish the flames.

The fire service is presently on the scene investigating to determine the cause of the fire.



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