Doctor, nurses suspended after being found “negligent” in death of mother, newborn

Dead: Vanessa Lewis-Sahadeo
Vanessa Lewis-Sahadeo

A doctor and two nurses have been suspended after they were found to be negligent in taking care of their patient, 31-year-old Vanessa Lewis-Sahadeo who, along with her newborn baby, died while receiving care at two public health facilities.

After giving birth to her fourth child at the New Amsterdam Hospital on February 26, Lewis-Sahadeo was transferred to Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GHPC) in an unconscious state where she succumbed a few hours later. She was rushed to the city medical facility after reportedly developing complications at the regional hospital. The newborn baby had died at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

An investigation was immediately conducted.

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony, in providing an update on the situation, revealed that “based on that report, we strongly believe that the doctor who was in charge of the patient seemed to be negligent and we also believe that the nurses who were involved were also negligent.”

“I am taking immediate steps to suspend that doctor…and two of the nurses who were involved,” he added.

The Health Minister noted that there will be “follow up actions” which will be announced later.

Lewis-Sahadeo, of Williamsburg, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) was a mother of three children – ages 11,9 and 6.

Earlier last month, the woman had gone to the prenatal clinic at the Port Mourant Hospital and was expected to return within two weeks. However, within a few days, she went into labour on February 21.

The following day, a Monday, the woman went to the Port Mourant Hospital where she was admitted and then transferred to New Amsterdam.

Because of Covid-19 guidelines, family members were unable to visit the woman.

On Friday, February 26, the woman gave birth. Family members said they were contacted by the hospital which informed that the baby had died and that they were forced to remove the woman’s womb.

When they arrived at the New Amsterdam Hospital, the woman was on a stretcher. The family said they waited hours for the ambulance to transport the unconscious woman to the city medical facility.

Upon arrival at the GPHC, the woman died.