Diamond hospital collaborates to launch medical outreaches

One of the residents receiving medical attention at the outreach

The Diamond Diagnostic Centre has now collaborated with the Cuban Brigade at said hospital along with Region Four Health Department to carry out several medical outreaches in several far flung areas.

Already having benefited the Parkuri, St Cuthbert Mission area, the outreach is expected to venture to Kuru Kuru, Soesdyke Highway.

The project is being undertaken as a result of the Regional Administration’s recognition of fewer people seeking medical care at health institutions in Guyana.

According to the hospital’s Medical Superintendent, Orlyn Collins, the initiative will address a barrage of health issues and concerns.

She disclosed that the intent of this outreach is basically to offer the public premium medical care.

“We realized that some patients or residents in this area do not have easy access to medical care despite a health center being present within the community,” Dr. Collins said.

She noted that based on a survey conducted, the hospital is aware of a number of concerns and issues that several members of the public have been experiencing at various health centers and institutions, thus they have sought to address this by taking the services to the people.

Dr. Marina Torrez, Director of Cuban Bridge at the Diamond Hospital said that the collaboration is one that her agency has been seeking for a while.

She disclosed that some 30 Cuban medical practitioners from the Diamond Hospital were part of the outreach, which included some eleven specialists.

Among some of the specialists were pediatricians, internal medicine and dermatologist.

It was disclosed that the collaborating team will be undertaken every quarter. The next outreach has been slated for the community of Agricola.


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