Cyclist crushed to death in Berbice


ROAD-ACCIDENT[] – Reports reaching iNews indicate that a Cyclist was killed this morning (Saturday, January 17), along the public road at No 8 Village, West Coast Berbice.

Eyewitnesses say a speeding F150 vehicle collided with the elderly man of East Indian decent, who was at the time riding a bicycle.

“I was in a bus heading to Berbice when I saw the black F150, all tinted up, speed pass we and as soon as I go around the turn there is the accident happen and the guy is lying dead on the road,” one eyewitness told iNews.

The man was reportedly ran over by the vehicle resulting in a crushed skull and broken bones.

“He looks like a laborer… he had a cutlass and I saw the rain boots and his bicycle mash up and the F150 it spin and it facing Georgetown direction and you can see it was a young man driving.”

Efforts to secure an official comment from the police or to identify the dead man proved futile.





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