Cummings Lodge decomposing body: Wife in severe shock, no marks of violence found on husband


As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the death of 35-year-old Kevin Dawson, whose partially decomposed body was discovered in his Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home, Police on Tuesday said they are yet to determine the cause to death.

Kevin Dawson’s decomposing body was found in their Cummings Lodge home

However, the police did establish that there were no signs of foul play.

Dawson’s partially decomposed body was discovered at his Hugh Ganie Park, Cummings Lodge, ECD home on Monday evening along with his wife, Cindy Dawson, who was unconscious at the time. The discovery was made after Cindy Dawson failed to turn up for work at the Turkeyen Nursery School on Monday.

According to C Division (East Coast Demerara) Commander, Calvin Brutus, Cindy Dawson is listed as stable and resting in the female ward at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC).

However, he added that the woman is suffering from severe shock and could not have provided the Police with any information to assist in their investigations.

The officers were able to determine that the body bore no marks of violence and thus no foul play is suspected.

Kevin Dawson’s body is at the Lykens Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination which is expected to be conducted today.

This publication was informed that Kevin Dawson was suffering from malaria and typhoid and may have succumbed to his illnesses. However, the reason for his wife not raising an alarm is unclear. A source at the GPHC said that psychiatrists from the Mental Health Unit are evaluating the woman’s mental state and she is being closely observed.

On Monday, one of Cindy Dawson’s colleagues ventured to her home after she failed to turn up at work and upon arriving she was greeted by a stench emanating from the couple’s home. An alarm was raised and the door was forced open.

Kevin Dawson’s body was discovered partially decomposed in their bedroom while his wife was found unconscious in the kitchen, and not on his body as earlier reported.

Neighbours said the couple recently moved into the area and the man would usually go for work in the interior while his wife taught at the school.


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