Corentyne man being investigated for alleged rape of step-daughters


Shortly after being released on bail for chopping his reputed wife, a Corentyne man is now being investigated for reports made by the woman’s children that he sexually molested them.

Based on reports received, the children of the woman, ages 19 and 13, told their mother that her reputed husband of three years was sexually abusing them.

INews understands that the woman’s eldest child was the one targeted by the man initially, but after she left the country in August 2016, he allegedly began to prey on the younger girl. It was the 13-year-old who reportedly informed her mother that she had been molested by the man on four occasions, and that he had threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

The mother also received confirmation of the molestation accusation from her eldest child. Upon learning of this, the mother confronted the children’s stepfather who retaliated by chopping her, forcing her to seek medical treatment. This incident landed the man before the court.. He was granted $100,000 bail on the assault charge and the court ordered him to remove from the home he shared with his reputed wife and her two children.

The mother of two reported the allegations of rape made by her children to the police, and a police source confirmed to INews that the man is presently being investigated. (Ramona Luthi)


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