VAT on Education: Govt to meet with parents, operators of private schools


–  after weeks of widespread condemnation

The concerns and protests against the 14 per cent Value Added Tax (VAT) on private education tuition fees have prompted a concessionary reaction from the government.

Following a Cabinet meeting on Tuesday, a decision was taken for a team of Government Ministers to meet with parents and operators of private schools on Friday April 7, 2017 at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

According to a release, the government is inviting all relevant stakeholders to attend the consultation to ensure a frank and open discussion.

Education Minister Dr Rupert Roopnaraine

Minister of Education, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine also gave a commitment that “we are prepared to hear what the concerns are and see how best we can address them.”

Since its application, Government’s 14 per cent tax on private education has received widespread condemnation. There have been protests, the venues for which have alternated between the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) and the Ministry of Education.

A large group of protesters on Wednesday last picketed the Education Ministry calling for the removal of the tax measure.


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