UPDATE: Cop crushed to death by lorry – in Whim accident

DEAD: Ray Simon

Investigations are being conducted into a fatal accident that occurred at about 06:50hrs today (Thursday) at Whim, Corentyne, which resulted in the tragic death of Police Constable 22380 Ray Simon.
Reports are that the 27-year-old Simon was crushed by the rear wheel of a lorry which he had just stepped off of, at the entrance to the Whim Police Station.

DEAD: Ray Simon
DEAD: Ray Simon

A Police report said investigations so far have revealed that Simon, who was attached to the Whim Police Station, was hitching a ride in a motor vehicle on his way to Whim Station.
“The vehicle did not stop at Whim and Ray Simon jumped off the vehicle. He lost his balance and fell on the roadway and was run over by the rear wheel of the motor vehicle,” the Police said in a press statement earlier today.
He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Port Mourant Hospital.
According to driver of the lorry, Neezam Khan, Simon joined the vehicle at Liverpool which is two villages away.
“I stopped at the gap that I am supposed to stop for the Albion workers at Liverpool and persons (workers) joined the lorry,” Khan commented, while pointing out that he has been driving for more than 21-years now.
He was a short distance from his last stop when the incident occurred. “The officer like he think that I gon stop at the police station entrance, but is not there; the stop is more up, and he jump off. The rain was pouring. I hear the workers shouting, ‘Hold! A man fall off the lorry.’ So like he catch at the back when he jump from the front step, because ah see when the red thing fall from the rear view mirror.”
Khan said after stopping the vehicle, he rushed out of it and saw Simon lying a short distance away.
Meanwhile, INews understands that a man has been arrested and in Police custody assisting with the investigation.

Officer in Charge of traffic in the division, Deputy Superintendent Boodnarine Persaud, confirmed that the lorry driver is in custody. However, he noted that several persons who were on the lorry at the time of the tragedy have provided the Police with statements which substantiate the story given by the driver of the vehicle. He added that as it currently stands, there is no evidence proving that the driver was in the wrong.



  1. Whim? Oh, that’s where the two- Rumjhaat and Nagaman- were originally from. These chaps drive around in million dollar SUV’s, so whatever happens to the ordinary working people is not their concern. He hitched a ride to save a few dollars in travelling expenses as every dollar counts for the working class. Sympathy to his loved ones

  2. sincere condolence to the family, have the defacto Government paid the police the amount of money they were promised during the election campaign this would have not happen, the poor guy was hitching a free ride to work Mr, Minista of National security please take note


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