City Council workers stage another protest for Town Clerk’s removal


By Ramona Luthi

Scores of Georgetown Mayor and City Council workers, including Deputy Mayor, Sherod Duncan, earlier today, staged another protest calling for the removal of Town Clerk, Royston King.

Protesters took to the streets earlier today to call for the removal of Town Clerk, Royston King
Workers took to the streets, earlier today, to call for the removal of Town Clerk, Royston King.

According to the workers, this protest stemmed from the fact that the workers have not been paid for the month of September, to date.

Workers related to INews that the Town Clerk would opt to procrastinate with paying them on time even though they have been pleading with the City Administration to be treated better.

“When we go today to find out when we getting paid, he saying tomorrow. Tomorrow come and he saying tomorrow. He got we on a wild goose chase,” one protesting worker told INews.

It was also highlighted that the Deputy Mayor is in agreement with the protest of the workers to have King removed from his post.

Deputy Mayor Duncan as well as other workers voiced a similar  opinion of the Town Clerk; that  is, he is incapable of effectively carrying out the duties as the head of the Administration at City Hall.

It it was just a few weeks ago that the Mayor of Georgetown, Patricia Chase-Green, had confirmed to media operatives that City Hall was “cash strapped”.

Meanwhile, King has indicated that every effort is being made to ensure that the workers are paid in the coming days.


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