Citizens disagree on international help for GECOM



Pie[] – Respondents to iNews’ weekly poll (September 7 -14) have disagreed largely on the need for the Guyana Elections Commission to seek international assistance to rectify its Preliminary List of Electors (PLE) which the ruling Party has said is “nowhere near perfect.”

Citizens were asked: “Should the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) seek international expert help to correct claims of errors in the Preliminary List of Electors?”

In response, 46% of respondents said ‘yes’ while 53% voted ‘no’. A mere two percent were undecided.

The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in recent weeks mounted continuous objections to the PLE; saying it enlists thousands of dead persons among others.

GECOM has since come out in defence of its list saying it is “near perfect.”

Last week, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon announced that the Guyana Elections Commission will be further strengthened with the critical support of members of the donor community.

Today, PPP said it welcomes the announcement and views it as a most positive development which emerged out of discussions between the Government of Guyana and the electoral body.

“The PPP is pleased that GECOM will now be able to request support from the EU, the UN, USAID, the UK, Canada and others,” the Party General Secretary Clement Rohee stated.GECOM

The PPP also sees this support as essential and necessary in readying the Commission for the mammoth task ahead as it organizes both local government elections and the next Regional and General Elections.

“We believe that given our recent findings and the concerns raised, the Commission is in need of all of the help it could acquire to execute its constitutional mandate effectively and independently,” Rohee added.

He said too that the PPP will continue to lobby the Commission to address the recurring deficiencies on the preliminary list of electors.



  1. Because it’s a small nation this should not be happening. The People need to come together and seek International help for themselves, NOW!

  2. I voted for international help. When the yes vote were about 137 and the no vote about 39 or abouts. The yes vote seems to be winning when all of a sudden the no vote skyrocket!
    I believe the voting was rigged and many people voted more than once for ‘no’. Looks like we had a PNC rigging strategy exercised here.

  3. Near perfect is good when playing horseshoe or darts. Perfect is the only acceptable mode where the voters list is concerned.
    Guyana is such a small Nation with such a small electorate, yet we are getting stupid excuses over and over.


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