Challenge to Presidential limitation is a ‘smokescreen’ – Nigel Hughes


By Fareeza Haniff

Attorney – at – Law and Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Nigel Hughes

[] – Attorney – at – Law and Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC), Nigel Hughes believes that the recent court action that seeks to nullify one of Guyana’s recent constitutional amendments is a “smokescreen” to the real attack.

Hughes told a news conference on Thursday, February 05 that the motion challenging the two term limits for a President is aimed at reversing the “constitutional changes that were effected in the constitutional reform that took place between 2000 – 2003.”

He believes that the Public Procurement Commission (PPC) will no longer be in existence if there is a favourable outcome in the case. On Monday, a writ was filed in the name of Cedric Richardson seeking to have the 2000 constitutional amendment nullified

“The effect of the favourable pronouncement by the Chief Justice in the Richardson proceedings will also adversely impact upon all the changes that were made in the constitution…primary amongst them is the Public Procurement Commission which will be reversed; we will not have the Human Rights Commission and all the other positive developments that came out of that,” Hughes said.

The motion has named Attorney General, Anil Nandlall and Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman as respondents. Attorney representing Richardson in the matter, Emily Dodson had told iNews that such a major reform should have been undertaken by way of referendum.

Dodson had also made it clear that the writ was not politically motivated, explaining that she has already received several questions to that extent from concerned politicians.




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