Canje Chinese supermarket robbed by gunmen


Two gunmen on Sunday evening executed a daring robbery on the Good Life Supermarket at Cumberland, East Canje, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The incident occurred at about 21:00h shortly before the supermarket closed its doors to the public.

This publication understands that the staff had already left the building but the last two customers were being attended to by the owners of the supermarket.

However, the two men entered the supermarket, whipped out two firearms and demanded that everyone adhere to their demands.

The CCTV footage revealed that one of the perpetrators dealt one blow to the Chinese national thus forcing him to sit on the floor while the other rushed to the cash register and started to look for cash.

He was seen collecting several items from the drawers and putting them into a bag.
After about 45 seconds, his colleague approached the counter and took out money from the cash register along with a few other items. The men then exited the building during which they discharged two rounds into the air before escaping.

The owner told this publication that the men only managed to escape with $23,000 in cash.
Meanwhile, shortly after 2:00h on Monday, a lone man was seen on camera removing a number of items from the supermarket.

Meanwhile, it was only in October, that the supermarket was robbed of 13 brooms and the previous night, an electric fan and several bicycle tires were also removed.