Calls for LGE should be treated with “extreme caution” – GECOM Commissioners



Elections_vote[] – Three Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission  (GECOM) have noted that the calls being made for Local Government Elections (LGE) should be treated with “extreme caution.”

In a statement issued today by Dr. Keshav Mangal, Athmaram Mangar and Mohamood Shaw, there are several operational issues of concern which needs to be addressed.

These include: “Some constituency boundaries cut across established Divisions and Sub Divisions requiring field operations to effectively allocate existing registrants on the National Register of Registrants to a unique Constituency.

“Resolution of transfers of numerous electors particularly to constituencies indicated in the above point. Some constituencies do not have adequate registrants to effectively field adequate lists of candidates.

“The analysis of the National Register of Registrants and subsequent printing of lists for Local Government Elections require operations that involve the Information Technology Division which is without key top level and appropriate staff.”

According to the Commissioners, there are also some key legislative issues including lacunae in Laws that govern Local Government Elections.

 The Commissioners noted that there needs to be a vigorous education programme to inform and educate the populace on the new local government elections system, which comprise a mixture of the Constituency and Proportional Representation models, in which  political parties as well as individuals and interested groups may contest the elections.



“The process to compile and analyze five hundred and eighty five (585) sets of nomination lists resulting in five hundred and eighty five (585) vetted two part ballot templates and subsequent printing of ballots will require significant time, effort and resources.”

 The Commissioners believe that if these matters are not addressed, they can lead to disfranchisement.




  1. US ambassador and PNC smell blood in GECOM so they moving in for the kill. they know PNC has thing in palce in GECOM and their people in GECOM so they ready for elections now.

  2. LGE must be done right even if it takes another twenty years.
    Mayor Green will go in due time.
    Matters can get worse if the wrong people managed to cement an unwanted foundation.
    The people who was howling was the US Ambassador, vehemently supported by the Opposition.
    When the Opposition says walk, run for your life.


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