Businesses along ECD urged to install CCTV cameras to mitigate crime


In an attempt to reduce and mitigate criminal activities in his division, Regional Commander of Police Division 4C, Superintendent Khali Pareshram urged members of the business community to install CCTV cameras.

The Commander said though regular meetings are held with shareholders and officials of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) in the division, they are still pushing for CCTV cameras to be installed in order to protect their businesses and home.

“And we’ve been trying to push with our stakeholders, our business community on ways on how they can mitigate those incidents.”

“One of the things we have been pushing with the business community is for them to install more CCTVs because that’s a form of physical security that benefits everybody.”

Apart from collecting evidence, the installation of the cameras can also deter perpetrators from committing a crime.

“It deters criminal elements from conducting such incident of theft, once they [notice] CCTV it gives them a 50/50 chance if to commit or not to commit,” he stated.

The Commander further explained that the arrests of several perpetrators led to the resolution of a number of crimes.

“It has been successful, we have seen that a number of our incidents that occurred for the year so far, that with the help of CCTVs we have been able to solve those incidents. A number of persons have been arrested because of that.”

“Not only with the help of those private CCTVs but our own, the CCTV camera room at Turkeyen command centre.”

He noted that the use of more technology throughout his division will create a safer and more secure environment for citizens.

“That is why we’re trying to push across the corridor the use of more technology, in terms creating that atmosphere for better physical security because a number persons would complain that they want to see the Police here or want to see the Police there but the policeman and woman cannot be in one area all the time.”

“That is why we’re trying to enter into this partnership to give them the tips on ways they can improve the security at the same time having that closer collaboration with the Police,” the Commander highlighted.

Meanwhile, Pareshram also urged citizens not to hesitate to report an incident or suspicious activities which can also help to deter crime.

“Also, we have been trying to push that if you see anything report it because once you report it and we respond to it, it may deter a lot of things.

“It may not be positive in the sense of a crime, those perpetrators or those suspected individuals might be there to commit a crime but once you report it the Police will respond to check it out, and once we check it out who knows, it can deter a lot of things.”

“We want to ask to do more reporting, the 911 is there, the station numbers are there and even as you are aware, our numbers broad base that you can call at any time,” he added.