Business couple robbed of holiday sales on Christmas day


Armed bandits on Sunday morning pounced on an East Coast Demerara (ECD) couple who had just returned home after closing their business in the City Mall at Georgetown.

The incident took place after 01:00hrs as the couple drove into their First Phase, Good Hope, ECD yard.

This publication understands that after arriving home, the couple opened their remote-controlled gate and drove into the yard. They were about to enter the garage to park the car, while the gate was closing when a silver-grey 212 Toyota motor car pulled up into the driveway and three men, two of whom were armed, exited.

The men rushed into the yard and ordered the husband and wife duo to hand over their valuables. At the time, they were carrying the day’s sales from their business. During the struggle, the bandits gun-butted the wife to her head before taking possession of the couple’s belongings, including an undisclosed sum of cash, three cellphones and a handbag containing documents, keys and other valuables.

The three bandits then rushed to the car, where a fourth person was waiting in the driver seat, and they drove away, making good their escape. As the men were fleeing the scene, the wife raised an alarm, alerting neighbours.

One of the neighbours related to this news outlet that he was in his yard a few houses away from the victims when he heard the woman shouting “Thief! Thief!”. The man said he, along with a few others, rushed over to the victims’ home and was told by them of what just transpired. The Police were subsequently summoned. The investigations continue.

When contacted, a senior Police Officer within C Division (East Coast Demerara) told this publication that no one has been arrested for the robbery. However, he noted that two sets of fingerprints were lifted from the scene and were sent to Criminal Investigations Department (CID) headquarters where they are being run against the database for any matches.


  1. Everyday somebody is robbed and killed and the dumbass dictator is no where to be seen ah wonder why –Could it be that the criminals look like him sohe does not care ? Why is he in hiding ? ????


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