‘Broad-sided’ to death: Best friend’s affair with dead man’s mother possible motive-Police

Murdered Ravi Kumar Sharma
Police have gathered new evidence into the murder of  the Corentyne fisherman, Ravi Kumar Sharma, whose lifeless body was found in his yard at Number 60 Village by his mother, yesterday morning.

Murdered Ravi Kumar Sharma
Murdered: Ravi Kumar Sharma

Reports indicate that the Police discovered a possible motive for the killing of the 25-year-old man.

Inews understands that the suspect, who was also a close friend of Sharma’s was identified as 28-year-old Henry Trim also called ‘Buddy’ of the same village.

According to Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent, Errol Watts, earlier today, Trim confessed to having a sexual relationship with the dead man’s mother, 57-year-old Devika Deo.

Watts related that the suspect told investigators that on the night of the murder, he and Sharma had a fight over a portable DVD player.

However, the house which Sharma lived in did not have electricity, so there was no need for the device, hence ranks are questioning this information. Additionally, the Police have not been able to locate a DVD player at Sharma’s nor Trim’s home.

Police, are working on a theory that Sharma vented his disgust over the fact that Trim, his best friend, was having a sexual relationship with his mother, who is more than twice his friend’s age.

Trim had confessed at the Number 51 Police Station that he had “broad-sided” his friend with a cutlass. He was subsequently apprehended after Sharma was found dead, reportedly lying in a pool of blood in his yard with multiple lacerations.

Trim alleged that he went to the deceased’s house on Tuesday evening, where an exchange of words escalated into a heated argument. Sharma reportedly struck Trim to his head, who in turn picked up a cutlass and severely broad-sided the fisherman.

Police are continuing their investigation.



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